Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Most Beautiful Song & Video

I came across this video from a tweet today and I'm surprised that I had not seen it earlier. The song itself was released in July and the video early October and already has almost 8 million views. I normally don't enjoy hip hop or rap so I know nothing about this artist other then he wrote one amazing song.  I've listened to this song about ten times so far and every time I watch this video it makes me cry. I love the words behind it, he speaks truth and honesty. This was a must have as soon as I heard it. So I went to itunes and found it.

I mean I love the video and music together but the song is just as powerful without the images. I also did more research on this artist named Macklemore and hope to listen to more of his stuff soon.

Hope you enjoy this song and video as much as I did.

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