Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hotels & Long Nights

This morning at 9am a group of us got online to register for our hotel rooms at San Diego Comic Con. SDCC gets blocks of rooms for a special low price as the hotels around the convention center normally raise their prices to three times the amount they would normally get. This was my first year trying to get one. The process went smoothly and in about seven minutes my application was sent. Now we wait to hear if we get any of our choices.

Today was a another busy and frustration day at work. We had a meeting in the morning and the EP wanted to talk about the email that I had sent out last night. Now she isn't calling me out by name but everyone in the office knows who she is talking about. She complains about post and how it's run and lack of communication, blah blah blah. It was so obvious that several of the story producers and editors came up to me afterwards and said, "Oh we think you're doing a fantastic job", and "I couldn't imagine all the stuff you have to deal with". What the EP said was hurtful but I've come to expect that from her. I was told that she always has a "whipping" person that gets blamed for everything and it looks like I'm going to be that person on this show. It was great to hear that everyone else thinks I'm doing a great job and they are very impressed with what I have done with what I was given.

We were outputting our show today so I stuck around work until 9am, before I left I made sure everyone was good and didn't need anything from me. I headed home and waited for the email to let me know that the show was ready and that I could send out the link and all. Well I get a text at 11pm saying that they just got the show and that it's in the process of outputting. That normally takes about an hour or so. Finally around 1am I call and asked what's going on and find out that they are having issues with the output and that they are working on a solution. I tell them I need to get some sleep and to call me when it's done.

So I go to bed around 1am and can't really sleep as I'm waiting for this call. Around 3:30am I get a call telling me that it's almost done and that they are sending me the links. I get up out of bed and head to my office where I spend the next hour checking the links and cuts making sure everything is good to go and then sending out the emails to he network. I finally got back to bed around 4:30am. That was one long day.

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