Friday, March 1, 2013

The Downside to Social Media

I love social media, it's helped me find new friends and old friends who I've lost contact with. It's allowed me to promote my podcasts, blog about my life and keep up on friends and family that I can't see everyday. But there is a downside to social media. It's seeing when friends tweet or post on facebook about a get together, or going out to dinner or an event that they attended together and you were not invited.

It's hard to not be jealous and then you start to question why they didn't invite you.  It can mess with your head if you allow it. I admit that I'm bummed when things like this happen but I can also understand as I post a lot of things on twitter, facebook & blogspot about hanging with friends and I'm sure the friends that are not hanging with us are feeling the same thing. I guess there really is no easy answer to this.  No one wants to feel left out, but sometimes it's bound to happen even if it's unintentional.

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