Friday, February 15, 2013

Meteors, Miles & MMO's

Today I woke up to news that a large meteor hit the Earth's atmosphere over a part of Russia and exploded which caused several sonic booms/explosions that blew out doors and windows. Over 1000 people hurt. And of course in today's age there is a ton of video of it. I spent about an hour watching video after video. Some of the video was just the meteor burning up in the atmosphere causing a very bright light show. But then there were several videos of the explosion sound that set off car alarms and shattered windows. I even found a video of two people in an office when the window exploded next to the guy and force of the explosion through him across the room. These videos are amazing to watch but also very scary.  I mean meteors are always hitting earth but normally they are small enough that they burn up on entry. This one was said to be the size of a small apartment building.

And speaking of meteors we had another one, pass by the Earth. This one was HUGE and luckily it didn't hit us, but it did get closer then any other large meteor has in the past. It actually was closer then the orbit of our own satellites. I watched the live feed as this chunk of rock skipped off our atmosphere and drifted harmlessly into space.

Neither of these incidents were related, but it does make you think about the fact that we are flying through space at a very fast pace with tons of debris hitting us. One day we might not be so lucky.

After only 12 days I have already passed the 1000 miles mark on my odometer. I knew I would put some miles on this new car. That's one reason why I got a very good fuel economy vehicle. Average is said to be 1000 to 1200 miles a month.. I'm hoping to keep mine to 2000 a month.

Lord of the Rings Online MMO is still down :(. It was suppose to be down for only 24 hours for maintenance but it's not going on 48 hours... guess they have been running into problems. I hope they get it back up soon.. I'm really starting to miss it.

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