Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentine

Today after work I was going to meet up with my buddy Robert for dinner. Last week Robert asked if I wanted to go out for dinner on Valentine, since we are both single... and of course I said yes.

Valentine's doesn't really effect me much. I mean it's nice to have someone you can share the holiday with but honestly everyday should be valentine's day. Anyways, I got off work at 7pm and headed up the hill to Universal City Walk. Robert was running late due to really bad traffic so I sat in front of the restaurant and people watched. It was tough just sitting there watching all these folks walking by holding hands and kissing.

I have my bouts of loneliness here and there but seeing all these people in Love really got to me. It really made me miss being in Love. It's been over two years since Harry and I broke up and I haven't gone out on a date or been with anyone since.

Well Robert arrived about an hour late and we made our way into the restaurant. Robert really wanted steak so I suggested Tony Roma's. We were seated fairly quickly and were given menus. Of course they were the Valentine "special" menus. I asked if they had their full menus but sadly they did not.

Robert and I spent the next hour enjoying the food and the company. Of course we talked about relationships, work and other geeky things. When we were done we walked over to the movie theater as we wanted to see "Warm Bodies" but the next showing was at 9:50pm and we would be getting out until after midnight. We both leave a half hour to forty five minutes away so it would be a rough morning for work if we did that. So instead we went over to Jillian's to play some video games. But once we were there we found out that you had to purchase a game card, then you could go get tokens for the machines. It was to much of a hassle so we just walked from one end of Citywalk to the other before going up to the food court area and sitting down and just chatting for an hour or so. Around 10:30 we said our goodbyes and I headed home.

It was a fun evening of good food and great company... it was the perfect Bro-Valentine

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