Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gaming Overload??

Today I played some LOTRO, but to be honest I was kind of bored with it. It's not the actual game I'm bored with.. the problem is I'm playing four different characters. Each one at a different level. My Hobbit is my main character that I play with Chris but when he's not around I play with my Human, Dwarf and Elf alt characters. Well Chris has been extremely busy with work and hasn't really played since mid February so I've been playing my alt characters alot and all three are close in level so the quests that I do are all the same. So I do one quest with my human, then a day or so later I'm doing that same quest with my Dwarf and then a day later I'm doing the same quest for a third time with my Elf... it gets kind of monotonous.

I'm thinking I should just play one alt character so it doesn't feel repetitive. I mean I'm playing the same quests with my Hobbit but that's part of a fellowship and that really gives it an entirely different feel. Now my only problem is which alt character do I continue with. I love my human female Kiwyn, she's strong and pretty powerful, she also has a companion so she has someone to fight along her side.. it's almost like being in a fellowship and playing with another person., My Dwarf Arikk is pretty bad ass and is actually stronger then my human female. He's the closest thing to being like my Hobbit, who I just adore. My Elf is probably my least favorite even though he's a magic user. He's more of supporting character and is the weakest of all my characters. Anyways I hope Chris is able to play soon, as I not only missing my Hobbit Drialdo I miss the companionship of my best friend.

Speaking of Chris he did have some free time tonight so we wrote some more of our new webseries. While I was finishing up the first draft of episode 105, Chris was starting to write episode 106. What's great is Chris and I have gone over the outlines for the first six episodes so it makes it a bit easier when we write for all we are really doing is writing the dialogue. But by the end of the night we officially have episodes 101 - 105 first drafts written and in the can... woohoo

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