Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wondercon Day 2 - Saturday

Day 2 of Wondercon starts.. up at 8am, showered and attempting to put on my halflings ears. My friend Chris offered to help me out. Now I've put on these ears many times the past two years and you'd think it would be easier every time but it's not. Once again we struggled to get them on just right and make the as seamless as possible. We did do it in the end but it was tough.

The next battle was the wig. My wigs have always been my trouble spot, I have never really been happy with the way they look. Last year I spent about $150 on a nicer wig and it seemed to work okay, but still wasn't exactly what I was hoping for. Today was the same, I struggled and struggled with it until finally I said screw it and admitted defeat. I had been working on it for an hour and it wasn't getting any better and I was holding up my friends who were kind enough to be waiting for me. Chris wanted to order room service for Breakfast. It was a good idea as we were all hungry and with my issues with my cos-play going out to breakfast would have delayed us even more. I don't order room service very often as it's rather expensive but Chris offered to pay so we gave it a go and it was extremely tasty. The food was hot and very yummy. Chris made a good call with that.

I finished getting ready and we headed down the to con around 10:30am. It was Chris, Robert, Aaron and I. We were soon joined by Brett. We walked around the con checking out booths and such. I would get requests for photos here and there but no where near as many as I did at SDCC.

We were joined by friends as the day went on. Dallas, Rupert, Daniella, Steve, Luis, Scott, Matt, Jennifer, Leslie, Brian K, Brian F, Anne, and Nicki. Some would stay with us for a while, some just a few moments.

There were lots of cool cos player, I actually did see another Hobbit as well as a Gandalf.

The con has become a mini San Diego Comic Con, this is only the second year it's been down here in LA, it's normally in SF but it sold out this year and if you wanted to get in panels last year you just walked right in.. this year you had to get there a few hours early to get a seat.

I decided to not do any panels this year. Today was all about cos-playing. I was the only one cos-playing from our group (well Chris was cos-play but it looked like regular street clothes). We spent all day going from one end of the con to the other and back again.

Around 7pm the con closed and we headed back up to the room so I could change. We were heading out to a local buffet place to have a little celebration dinner for Chris. We expected about 20 or so friends to join us. It was a bit crazy at the beginning but soon enough we had the entire back half corner of the restaurant to ourselves.

The food is what you would expected from a $10 family buffet restaurant but the company was the best. Joining us from the con we had Nicki, Anne, Scott, Dallas, Brett, Rupert, Aaron, Luis, Brian K, Brian F, Leslie, Robert, Jennifer, Matt, Daniella, and Steve. Those who just came in for dinner were Josh, Troy, Anthony and Michele. It was a good time. I know Chris was really happy to see everyone and that's all that really matters to me. That was the whole point of having this dinner. It wasn't about the food, it was about seeing my best friend happy.. so mission accomplished.

Afterwards some folks went back to our hotel for an after party. I was not one of them. My feet were killing me and I needed to rest. Most of our after parties are pretty crazy and I just wasn't in the mood for crazy. So Robert and I headed back up to the hotel to go to sleep while Aaron and Chris went to the after party.

All in all it was another fun day at Wondercon. Tomorrow is the last day of con. I'm still debating on weather or not I'll be dressing up.. guess I'll decided tomorrow when I get up... stay tuned.

You can see more con pictures HERE 

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