Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's a Hobbit Kind of Day

This morning I edited another episode of my MASH 4077 podcast. We have recorded about seven episodes already and for once I'm trying to get ahead of the game. Normally I wanted a few days before a podcast is due to be released (which is stupid). Since I have the time off I'm really trying to do better and get as many as we have recorded done.. it will make my life easier in the long run. So today I edited and finished the podcast that won't be out until April 15th. 

I got The Hobbit blu-ray yesterday, I won a Oscar poll on a scifi forum that I frequent. So today I watched the extras with my roommate Michele. There is over 2 hours of awesome behind the scenes extra.. only issue I had is that they were the 10 production blogs that they released over the past year on the internet. Plus side is that the stuff is so incredible cool I didn't mind watching it all again. But that was all that was part of the special features. I'm sure they are saving the new stuff for the extended version of the movie blu ray release that will be coming out soon. And yes I'll be buying that as well.

After Michele and I watched the extras we popped in the movie. Now I have a screener of the movie so I've seen it four or five times but it's still not the same seeing in beautiful HD.  While the movie was playing Michele helped me out with my Hobbit wig and curled it for me. She previously did this a few days ago but now she was putting the final touches on it while I wore it. (Warning to future roommates, you will be required to help with my crazy cos-play ideas ). I really appreciate her help.

Speaking of Hobbit I got an additional accessory for my Hobbit outfit. I already have a "one" ring, but since I don't like gold it's actually black titanium with the words in silver. Well that doesn't quest match the movie so I purchased a gold version that looks more like the ring from the movie. I also purchased a silver chain to hang the ring from.. also like the movie. I got the ring a few days ago and today I go the chain. Looks great and I think it's a cool addition to my co-splay.

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