Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wondercon Day 3 - Sunday

I woke up today around 8am and debated on weather I was going to cos-play or not today. My initial plan was to cos-play both Saturday and Sunday. But with all my issues with my ears and hair I didn't feel like doing that all over again. Also we had to check out of the hotel by 10am and we were going out to breakfast. Now I don't mind being out in public as a Hobbit, I actually quite like it, but I also needed to buy some things which makes it harder when your in costume.

So I went back and fourth for a good half hour. I really love cos-playing and other then hanging out with friends that is the main reason I am here at Wondercon. Robert said I shouldn't, Aaron was indifferent and Chris said I shouldn't but then a few moments later when I did decided that I as not going to cos-play he made me feel guilty for not cos-playing.. yeah that's what Chris does. :)

I was bummed that I didn't cos-play but in the end I think it was for the best. We packed up everything and took it to our cars and then checked out of the Hotel.. just like checking in, checking out was a piece of cake. Afterwards we walked over to iHop for some much needed breakfast.

The con was to open at 11am so we made our way over there just after 11. We hooked up with Brett and Daniella once again and started to do some shopping. I wanted to get some "Pop" bobble head Star Wars figures. Jes bought me a set a few years ago for my birthday and since then I've purchased the continuing series of figures. They also had some Hobbit one and I couldn't pass those up. We then went over to the artist alley as you can find some great pictures from local artists. This was a big mistake for my wallet as I spent way to much money but I did find some fantastic prints. I think my favorites are some gender bending X-men characters. Rogue and Phoenix as hot guys, Supergirl as a guy (not Superman) and a few others. I could defiantly do some damage at this table. The artist is Joe Phillips He has a sexy take on some classic super heroes. Check it out...

Once again several friends joined our group and left our group though out the day. Robert left mid day as he wasn't feeling great and his friend Daniella soon followed. We ran into Scott, Red 5, Keri, Marissa and Greg Aronowitz and chatted for a bit. Soon our party was down to Chris, Aaron, Rupert, Brett, Luis and I.  We decided to go over to the gaming area and play a game of Ticket to Ride. Brett had to leave us before the game was over but in the end Chris beat Luis by 2 cars to take the game... it was a ton of fun.

We had about and hour or so left before the con closed. We wandered around another half hour before Chris and I called it a day.

Over all Wondercon 2013 was exactly what I was hoping it would be. A place for me to cos-play and get my Hobbit on as well as having a fun time hanging with friends and enjoying the geeky/nerdy atmosphere. San Diego Comic Con is coming up next and I can't wait.. 

You can see more con pictures HERE  

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