Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lunch with Jenni & KOTG Talk

Today I had lunch with my former co-host of Knights of the Guild podcast, Jenni. I haven't seen her in a good year or so but we talk online here and there. It was great getting to hangout with her again and catch up on each others lives. She has really taken off in the entertainment industry and I'm so happy for her. Sitting there talking to her really made me miss the good ol' days of recording podcasts with her. Knights of the Guild podcast was about the Guild but what I think the listeners really enjoyed was the banter between Jenni and I. She was the funny one and I played the perfect "straight" guy. When she left the podcast it was never the same again. I think it went from a fun fan community driven show to pretty much me doing interviews with the cast and crew. I still think it's a great supplement to the webseries as it does take you behind the scenes but it lost some of it's charm when she left.

Now that the podcast it winding down I was able to talk with her about coming back for a few episodes to help finish off the podcast properly. I don't know when that will be as I still have some interviews from season six but stay tuned, there are some fun plans brewing.

After lunch she took me across the street to the offices of Geek and Sundry (She's a producer over there). It was fun to see how big this You Tube channel has gotten. It started out in Felicia's converted garage and now has offices on Sunset in Hollywood. Unfortunately Felicia was not in the office today so I wasn't able to say hi but it was fun seeing where all the action takes place.

We said our goodbyes and swore that it wouldn't be another year before we saw each other again.

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  1. The Knights of the Guild will ride again! Because that's what we do...we ride. Dragons. Or unicorns.