Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Potter, Buffy and Bros

Today before I went over to my buddy Robert's place for "Buffy and Bros" I stopped by Whimsic Alley with my friends the Luchsinger. Neither Jennifer or Matt had been to the Harry Potter store before and both of them are big Harry Potter fans (well Jennifer a bit more then Matt). We got there around 5:30pm, a half hour before they closed. Both of them really enjoyed the place. If you haven't been, it really is a cool store and I love taking Harry Potter fans for the first time. Luckily for us we were only there for a half hour.. I think if we would have stayed longer Jennifer would have done alot more damage to her back account then she already did. Matt was more reserved and only purchased a hat. I always fight to not buy everything in the store.. but this time they had Hobbit mini buttons and they were only 99 cents each.. only problem I had to have the entire group which meant 13 Dwarves, Bilbo and Gandalf which meant I spent just under $20 for all of them.

Next up is Buffy and Bros with one of my favorite people in the world... Robert. Got to Roberts and we walked down to Taco Bell for some dinner before going back to his place and starting our Buffy viewing..

Tonight if we are lucky we will finish up season four. We started the night with "Where the Wild Things Are" Here's a brief synopsis; At a fraternity party, Buffy and Riley are compelled to have sex by a mystical influence. The party is held in a house — formerly a home for wayward children — that is haunted by angry manifestations of children who were physically and emotionally abused by the woman who managed the home. I enjoyed the episode, I mean it's wasn't one of the best but just an okay episode.

Next was "New Moon Rising" Here's a quick synopsis; Oz arrives back in Sunnydale, seemingly able to control his wolf side even during the full moon, and presents Willow with a difficult choice. Compared to the first episode we watched tonight I really enjoyed this episode. It truly is the beginning of the Tara and Willow relationship. As much as I loved Oz and Willow as a couple, He had he chance and blew it. Willow has moved on and Tara is one of my favorite characters from the series. Great episode.

Our third episode of the night was "The Yoko Factor" Here's a quick synopsis; Adam agrees to remove Spike's chip if he helps him by isolating Buffy from the rest of the Scooby Gang. This was the first and only time I can think of when it would have been good to have seen the Angel episode that happens before this episode. When Angel started there were a few cross overs but you never had to watch Angel to enjoy Buffy or vis verse.. but this episode starts off with Buffy returning from visiting Angel and it just made things difficult to understand. I'm glad this is the only episode (that I can remember) that this happen. Was still a good episode.. just a bit confusing.

 For our fourth episode of the night we watched "Primeval" Here's a quick synopsis; The Scooby Gang foil Adam's plan to create an army of hybrid cyborg monsters. Buffy magically joins with the rest of the gang to kill Adam after an intense fight. Even though this is the second to last episode of season four this truly is the ending of the season four storyline. It's a very enjoyable episode. Has one of my favorite moments at the end when Buffy is combined with the scooby gang and become super Buffy. I love when she just hold her hand up and turns those large grenades into doves... that entire scene was pretty awesome.

Now we normally watch just 3 to 4 episodes but since we had one more for the season we decided to go with five.. so for our fifth and final episode of the night we watched "Restless" Here's a quick synopsis; "Restless" is characterized by bizarre dream settings which illustrate the four main characters' overall themes as well as providing extensive hints about future developments. It follows the Scooby

Gang's victory over the villain Adam by magically joining in "Primeval", which has summoned the essence of the First Slayer (who is not happy about how Buffy is handling the job). Extremely bizarre, interestingly shot and lots of set up for the next season. Folks normally love or hate this episode. I think it's Joss being very experimental so I can enjoy it on that level. I haven't seen it in a while and watching it again I think I enjoyed it more as I knew what craziness was about to happen. Probably not the best episode to end the night on for Robert. But woohoo... we finished another season, only 3 more seasons to go.

Next up Season Five and one of my all time favorite big bads... Glory. I can't wait!!!!

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