Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Online Presence

Today I spent half my day really organizing all my social media outlets. I now have a master document that has all my twitter, facebook, g+ accounts. Also all my Domain URL's, Blog sites, webpages and anything else I do online.

Having all this information in one place not only makes my life easier but it's shows me how much of my life revolves around the internet.

I have eight twitter accounts. My main one @Geekyfanboy, five for my podcasts @KnightsofGuild, @FanboyPodcast, @AlienNationCast, @Geek_Roundtable, @MASH4077Podcast. I have one for my new webseries (can't post what it is just yet) and one for my Hobbit alter ego @MyHobbitLife

I have five facebook accounts, my main one for me, three for my podcasts, Knights of the Guild, MASH4077 and Confessions of a Fanboy and one that my friend started and made me an co-owner of Lil' Guldies. I also have two group on Facebook that I started and run The Geek Mob & my new webseries (which I can't announce yet).

I have four G plus accounts, one person, and the others are for podcasts. Knights of the Guild, MASH4077 Podcast and Confessions of a Fanboy.

I have 2 Youtube accounts, one is for personal and the other is for Knights of the Guild Podcast

I have  17 Domains but only 8 active and being used.. they other 9 are URL's that I liked and will hopefully use one day.

I have eight email address, 2 are for personal use (hoping to go down to one soon). Five are for podcasts and 1 is for my new webseries.

I have five of my podcasts on Stitcher Radio and when my sixth one is up and running that too will be on Stitcher.

I have three Blogs on blogspot. One personal "My Life As A Geek" and the two others are for Knights of the Guild and MASH 4077 Podcast.

I have six Podbean accounts, one for each of my podcasts. Knights of the Guild Podcast, MASH 4077 Podcast, Confessions of a Fanboy Podcast, Alien Nation: The Newcomers Podcast, The Geek Roundtable and My Gimpy Life Podcast.

I don't know what would happen if all of a sudden the internet was gone. Some say I would finally get a life, but I love what I do online, I love the people I get to meet online doing what I do. Social Media has become a big part of my life and will be a big part of my life for the unseeable future.

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