Saturday, April 6, 2013

Getting My Hobbit On!!!

Today was pretty much a day full of Lord of the Rings Online. My best bud, my compadre, my bosom buddy, my confidant, my pal Chris was home and able to jump online with me. The big thing for the day was us buying a Kinship house for our Fellowship - Free Alliance of Middle Earth (F.A.M.E). We started this Kinship together and though we have like 20 members very few of them actually are still playing. So Chris and I traveled to The Shire to look at homes, then to the Dwarven homestead, then to man and finally Elven.

We liked the size of the Kinship houses in the Shire and the Elf homesteads. Man and Dwarfs were small and very much the same. If you read this blog and know anything about me you know I'm a huge fan of all things Hobbit. So when Chris said he didn't care which homestead we chose I of course said The Shire. So we purchased our Kinship home just down the road from our individual homes in The Shire... cost 16 gold.

So now we had the house the next thing was getting furniture and things to fill it up, both Chris and I had left overs from our individual homes but that barely made a scratch and we had to go shopping to buy a ton more. Each of the homesteads have twenty or so things you can buy. Chris was insistent that we purchase one of everything from each homestead. I was trying to be more selective, not only because it was my hard earned gold and silver we were spending but I didn't want to wind up with a ton of extra things that we would have to store. Well Chris pushed and I finally gave in and purchased one of everything. I'm actually very happy that Chris did push me as it really didn't cost me that much to buy all that stuff and it did give us option on what to use. We also had very little left over when we were done and we actually had to go back out and buy more to fill in the gaps.

By the time we were done it was around 1pm and I had to take a break and make some lunch. While eating a watched a bit of TV before jumping back online, Chris was still on and we played more LOTRO.. this time we did a bit of Questing, that's my favorite part... around 7pm Chris had to call it a night since he had to be at work early the next morning.

Since Chris was gone I started prepping my Alien Nation Podcast, I uploaded the actually TV series episode to Avid and also the raw audio files from our recording yesterday. I plan on editing it up tomorrow.


  1. I wish we had free reign on where items are put in houses.

    1. Yeah but I did hear that they are going to be making changes to houses.. so maybe that will be one of the changes... can always hope :)