Sunday, April 7, 2013

Aliens, Dragons and Dinosaurs

Spent the first six hours of the day editing my next Alien Nation podcast. It's due to be released on April 10 which is only a few days away. I think this is the longest Alien Nation podcast we've done so far.. clocking in just over an hour. It went fairly smoothly, it's fun to listen to my brother and I banter back and forth.. we make a good podcasting duo. Adding the audio bites from the actual episode always takes the longest amount of time as I have to find bites that fit what we are saying and then in between each segment I like to play a scene from the episode. But in the end I'm very happy with this episode.
I made arrangements to hang out with my friend Dallas and finish up my character for our upcoming D&D game. I was about halfway done so it only took an hour or so to finish up. All I have to do now is write his back story and come up with a name... this should be fun.

My friend Jes (Dallas' roommate) texted late last night and asked if I wanted to go to a 30 minute musical, they have done spoofs on movies like Top Gun, Road house and Home Alone but tonight they were doing Jurassic Park. Since I was already going to be down there visiting Dallas I of course said yes.  We went out to dinner at The Habit ( a burger joint). I had never been to one so that was fun. Afterward Jes drove us into Hollywood to the theater. We met up with Jen who was also joining us. While we were sitting in the theater waiting for the musical to start I mentioned that I wanted to see Jurassic Park in 3D and Jen said.. why don't we go after the musical. Jes and I agreed.. we'd make it a Jurassic Park kind of night. I was a bit bummed as I wanted and planned to see it with my bud Robert but who says I can't see it twice.. I've seen Jurassic Park so many times already... what's one more time.

So for Jurassic Park the 30 minute musical, it was funny, fast and was a great homage to the original movie. I liked the songs and their take on characters and scenes. Some of the characters were dead on while others were combined, like the kids. The actor was dressed half like Tim and half like Lex.. it was pretty great. The rapping Raptors were fantastic. It was exactly what it promised to be. I look forward to seeing their next one.. it's going to be Independence Day.

We got out of the musical and headed directly to Citywalk. Got to the theater with 15 minutes to spare. Now I have seen Jurassic Park in the theater many times but Jes and Jen hadn't as they were to young then back then. So it was fun watching them experience the film for the first time on the big screen. It was also fun watching this movie just after watching a musical parody of it as scenes would come up and you'd think about the musical and laugh (or try and stifle a laugh since the scene in the movie wasn't that funny). The 3D was cool but I don't think it really enhanced the movie experience. This film was not filmed with 3D in mind, there were shots that could have been incredible if they were shooting it in 3D. But it was still fantastic seeing it on the big screen again.

Thanks Jes for the invite out and Thanks Jes and Jen for a fun evening of Jurassic Park.

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  1. One of my good friends is the creator/producer of 30 minute musicals! JP was hilarious, but I think Home Alone was my favorite - it's going to be an annual Christmas tradition. Let us know if you go check out Independence Day! We can make a night of it.