Thursday, April 11, 2013

Geekyfanboy Productions New Logo

Today I had planned to get my next MASH podcast done and maybe even a Knights of the Guild podcast done. Or maybe write some more of my webseries.. but that didn't happen. My friend Matthew Brackney messaged me on Facebook and said that he had some idea for my Geekyfanboy Productions logo. I texted him a few days ago and told him vaguely what I was looking for and he said he was going to sketch some ideas out and get back to me.. well he did a bit more then that he actually finished several version of the logo.

He sent version 1 to me and it was 85% what I wanted.. I put in requested a few changes and a few minutes later he sent me version 2, it was closer but the glasses were still a bit off so I sent him a picture of glasses that I had in mind. Again only a few minutes later he sent me version 3 and the glasses looked great but I did ask if he could change the color from red to green as that's my favorite. Version 4 was sent and I realized that the green he used made it look like a Starbuck's logo. So I asked if he could make it a different color green.. maybe more olive color. Then I got version 5 and that was it. Both the simple logo and the, what I call, circle logo looked fantastic.
I put it out there for friends to check out and give me their thoughts. Most were positive and most liked the "simple" logo better. I got a lot of comments about the green circle logo looking like Starbuck's still. I asked him to go back to his original idea of red. He also made me white ones as well as a different B&@ with more white then black. And someone suggested to color the glasses on the simple logo so I asked him to make one in red and green...

So in a matter of an few hours I had nine fantastic logos for my company. I have plenty to choose from. I want to publicly (well in my blog) thank Matt for doing these for me. He's a professional artist and didn't charge me for his services. He did it out of the kindness of his heart... thanks buddy I love them.

Next step is to apply for a business license.

Later in the day my buddy Chris came online and we jumped on Lord of the Rings Online and went questing for a few hours. He's a busy guys so it's nice when we can slip away into Middle Earth and have some fun.

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