Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Roller Coasters & Production Companies

Went to Magic Mountain today to pick up my season pass. A group of friends are going to be going this coming Sunday and I wanted to have my pass before then. I got there around 11am and it was dead, It took me about 20 minutes to get my season pass and once I had it I was about to leave when it him me.. well I'm already here and it's not busy I should try and get a ride or two in.

I quickly went to Tatsu, it's one of my favorites and has one of the most head rushing, nausea causing loops at the park. I've waited hours for this ride in the past.. but today it was about ten minutes. After riding it I was pumped but I realized that I didn't have anyone to share the experience with and that made me sad. I decided I would wait to ride with my friends on Sunday. Yeah it may be busier and we might not be able to ride everything but I'd rather ride a few rides with friends then all the rides by myself. Half of the fun of Magic Mountain is experiencing it with friends.

I grabbed some El Pollo for lunch before heading home.

Geekyfanboy Productions is reborn... Now I've had this production company since 2008 when I created my first podcast The Ready Room. It's pretty much has just been a title only. All my podcasts are stated to be a production of Geekyfanboy Productions. But today I decided to go to the next level with the company. I want it to actually be a real company. So my first step was creating a facebook page for it.. just to get word out about it. I then researches how to make it a legal company. I checked out Sole Proprietorship, LLC and Corporation. I think for my needs at the time I'm going to go with Sole Proprietorship, it's the simplest way to start a business. All that is require is a company name and a business license. So my next research went into finding out how to get a business licenses and again it's fairly easy.. I just have to go to a city building and fill out a form and pay some fees and it will be official... plan to do that in the coming weeks. 

Next is getting a business logo so I put the call out there for artist friends to see if I could get some help... I'll keep you updated.. I have a few bites.

Right now my company produces only things that I am working on, my long term goal with the company is to actually create, produce, edit podcasts, webseries, video blogs and anything social media related for others. I know this will take time, but I'm very happy with the small baby steps that I have taken today to make this dream a reality.

Going as far as I can go with Geekyfanboy Productions today I turned to working on a new episode of MASH 4077 Podcast. I imported video and all the raw audio.. I hope to start editing it tomorrow.

This was a very fun a productive day.

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