Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Working out, Editing and Buffy

Today I actually went out to the garage and worked out with some weights. It's been a few months since I've worked out and I don't really know why I decided to go out today but I did. I also did some cardio by jumping rope. Hopefully I can continue with workout thing.

I then went out to lunch at Chili's and on my way home I stopped by Vasquez Rocks for a great 45 minutes hike. I was feeling great. Had a good workout, then a nice lunch and now a great hike around Vasquez and it was so beautiful outside.

Got home and started working on my next MASH 4077 Podcast. I got about 1/2 of it done before I had to stop and head out to Robert's place for our weekly Buffy and Bros night.

Tonight we start season five... this is my favorite season of Buffy and I've been looking forward to sharing it with Robert. We started with "Buffy vs Dracula", Buffy faces the infamous Count Dracula, who had come to Sunnydale to meet her and make her one of his brides. Forgot this was the opening episode of season five, it's not one of my favorite episodes, the one highlight to this episode is Xander, who is hilarious.

We then watched "Real Me", A day in the life of Buffy's sister Dawn is transcribed into her diary in her point of view. To Dawn, it's tough to live with a Slayer as an older sister. To Buffy, it's tough to live with a sister who's constantly getting in trouble—like when Harmony returns to town with a gang and kidnaps Dawn.This was a fantastic episode. I love that it started with Buffy having a little sister and it feels like it's always been that way. We the audience know it's hasn't been but it's never addressed in this episode as to what is happening.. you just accept it and go along for the ride. Like Tara I think Dawn was a fantastic addition to the Buffy gang.

Our third episode of the night was "The Replacement", When Xander takes a mystical hit from the demon Toth that was intended for Buffy, he wakes up to find a mysterious double living his life in his place -- and, frankly, doing a much better job of it. Another great Xander episode, I think this was Roberts favorite for the night.

And the final episode of the night was "Out Of My Mind", Buffy seeks help for Riley when she learns that the meds that the Initiative gave him are having a deteriorating effect. Meanwhile, Spike and Harmony kidnap one of the Initiative's doctors to try to get Spike's chip removed. Again not one of my favorite episodes but we are seeing the downfall of Buffy and Riley's relationship. We also get to see Gile's storyline with the magic shop continue. We also get the first signs of things to come with Joyce.

I can't wait for the next episode.. we find out all about Dawn and the reason she's is there.

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