Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gaming, Yard Work & WebSeries

Today started with a bit of job search, unfortunately there isn't much out there for my line of work. I'll continue my search tomorrow.

After the job search I played LOTRO for a few hours, not doing much questing just building up my bank account. I've been joining various fellowships and battling with them. This way we all benefit with extra XP and loot.

After lunch I decided to go outside and clean up. The past few weeks we've had some pretty gusty winds and things have been blown around. Alot of debris, mostly trash has been blown onto my property. I also had a bag of aluminum cans that the crows ripped open and were also blown all over the place. So I spent a half hour or so walking around my property cleaning up. I spent another hour pulling weeds. Since we got all that rain and snow the weeds are going to be bad this season. Figured I'd get a head start on removing them.

Spent another few hours writing for my webseries. It's funny how some dialogue just flows out of me and other stuff I just struggle with. I've wrote a bit for episode 103, 104 and 105. First draft for 103 is done, I hope to get 104 or 105 done by the end of the week.

I watched some TV and played a bit more LOTRO before calling it a night.

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