Wednesday, March 20, 2013

LOTRO, Podcasts, Webseries & Buffy

Started my morning with a few hours of LOTRO play. Then switched gears and figured I'd get a head start on editing the next episode of my MASH 4077 podcast. I mean it is due to be released on April 1st. Spent about an hour stringing out the three hosts audio, I got everything synced and ready to go. I went to check the audio from the actual episode and realized something was wrong and I spent the next three or so hours trying to figure out why the conversions were not working. It was very frustrating but in the end I manage to get at least one episode (the one I needed) to work but by that time I didn't feel like editing the podcast anymore so I pushed it off.. I hope to finish it off tomorrow.

I worked once again on my new webseries. Now that it's been announced I feel obligated to get it written sooner then later. I don't feel rushed, just enough pressure to get it done. I'm also working on setting up a photo shoot for the main characters and getting the logo created. I think once the logo is created and we reveal the name of the show will also reveal the story and the actors. I'm looking forward to getting all this info out there... stay tuned.

My evening was once again spent with one of my best buds... Robert. We had some pizza and wings and continued my Buffy rewatch and his 1st time viewing. We are in my middle of season four.. first for the night was "Goodbye Iowa", it was an okay episode.. not my favorite. Next we watched "This Years Girl", this was the return of Faith and I completely forgot about this episode. I wasn't happy as I was never a big Faith fan and I was hoping that her story was over. And of course the ending when those two switch bodies it all came back to me on what the next episode was going to be about and I really wasn't happy. That leads us to "Who Are You", and I have to say it was better then I remembered. I was really worried about it but in the end it was a very well done episode. Our final episode of the evening was "Superstar". I think this was Robert's favorite of the night. This episode had us laughing out loud and was the perfect way to end our Buffy viewing for the evening. A few more viewings and we will be done with Season 4 and move onto Season Five where everything changes. It also has my favorite big bad "Glory"... cant' wait.

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