Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Secret Project

I have posted about this "secret project" since July of 2012 and it kind of lost some steam the past few months but it's back and going full force. This secret was only known to a select group of people who will be participating in it. But now you all will know, well kind of. I'm not going to into great details.. yet. But I am announcing that my secret project is ::drum roll please::  my very own webseries. Not only am I co-writing it but I'm also going to be acting in it (I'm one of the leads), how scary is that thought.

It all started when Chris and I were in the back seat of Jes' car as we drove up to San Diego Comic Con last year (2012). We were talking and all of a sudden this thought came to me and I told Chris about it and you could see the light bulb go off and for the next few hours we worked out the concept, the characters, some of the storyline, everything just flowed... it was awesome.

From July 2012 to December 2012 Chris and I have skyped, texted, facebooked and actually talked on the phone about this project.

Chris and I come up with the idea/storyline and then I take a crack at writing the dialogue, Chris will then read it and give notes and make changes until both of us are happy. We opened episode one script to several of our close friends for their input, but that was a mistake. I was not prepared for those who read it to pick apart my writing/story.  It took a good week or so to recover and I have to say that I'm not upset with those you criticized my work, it actually made me a better writer.

When I was done with the script for episode 1 I sent it to my buddy Sean Becker (Director of The Guild and many other things). After he read it we talked for an hour and he gave me a ton of notes. Some I agreed with, some I never even thought of and some I totally disagreed with. What was great about Sean is that he said take the notes or don't take the notes. This is yours and Chris' project, you guys "own" it. It's your vision.

After that I was fine with hearing what others had to say. I knew that Chris and I were writing it. Others could suggests things and if we like them we could implement them, but if we didn't, no harm done.

We have the entire season planned out (I won't say how many episodes just in case it changes). We have first drafts scripts for episodes 101, 102, & 103. First drafts of episode 104 and 105 are close to being finished and the rest are at the outline stage.

We hope to have all the episodes written by SDCC this year. So that leaves us roughly four months. Don't have any idea of when we were shoot it or when it will be released. The group of people that I'm doing this with are all Guildies. We've all been extras and want to take a crack at making our own series.

I think for me it's more about the process, it's writing it with my best friend, it's planning things out with people who mean the world to me. None of us are taking it super serious. It's more about a group of friends coming together and making something that we would watch. Will it be good.. who know, I hope so but truly all that matters is that we have a great time making it.. that's what is important to me.

I'll be posting more about it as time passes.. we have a twitter account but I can't announce it until we announce the show title and concept.. which will be soon... stay tuned!!!

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