Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hanging with Friends

I was up at 7am and getting in a little LOTRO play before my buddy Rupert arrived. He was coming over to hang out with me for the day. It's been a while since we got to hang out so we arranged to do it today. He arrived around noon and we headed out to lunch. After lunch we went to Target to look around, I had a few things I needed to get.

Once we were back at my place we sat down to watch Les Miserable. I have a screener copy of it and Rupert saw it in the theater and loved it and asked if we could watch it again. I've only seen it once with my buddy Chris out in Montana so I was up for another viewing. The movie ended just in time as we needed to get ready to head out with Anthony and Michele to Dallas' "I got a job" dinner party.

We were to first to arrived at Pitfire Grill out in North Hollywood. They had a table set aside for us so we sat down and waited for others to arrive. Little by little folks showed up until we were a large party of 20. It was great seeing everyone. Some I'd hadn't seen in months, others only a week. We sat around and talked, ate and had a great time until about 10pm. Michele (who is pregnant) was tired and since Rupert and I drove with these guys we had to call it a night. It was alot of fun catching up with folks. Whenever I'm with this group of friends it alway amazes me on how lucky I really am.

Got home around 11pm, said goodbye to Rupert and headed to bed. A very long but enjoyable Saturday.

I want to mention also that today is Greg Aronowitz's Birthday. I met Greg a few years back working on the Guild. He is one of the most talented and creative guys I know. He's friends with the likes of Spielberg and Lucas just to name a few. He's worked on many blockbuster movies and has done so many great things. I can just sit next him and listen to his incredible stories all day. Anyways I wanted to wish him a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and to say how thankful I am that he is part of my life.

You can check out Greg's FANTASTIC blog HERE.

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