Friday, March 8, 2013

Rings, Wings & Giants

Got up at 7am and jumped onto LOTRO. I got my new roommate Anthony to join so we started questing together. It's fun playing LOTRO solo but it's so much better when you're part of a fellowship. Because I'm playing more I'm actually understanding the game alot better. I'm understanding "deeds" and "instances" and such. If you read my blog you know I have four characters. I have my main character Drialdo, he's a Hobbit, I have my 1st alt character Kiwyn, she's a human, my 2nd alt character is Gillthilion, he's an elf and my 3rd alt character Arikk and he's a Dwarf. Of course Drialdo is my highest leveled character as I play him the most. I did manage to get Kiwyn up to level 25 and then started working on Gillthilion.

I'm trying to get each one of my characters to at least level 20, so I can buy a stead and travel around faster. I manage to get Gillthilion to level 20 today, which made me super happy. Now it's time to get Arikk my Dwarf to level 20, he's currently level 13 and depending on how much I play it may take me a week or so to do that. Anyways if you want to read more about my LOTRO characters here's a blog post I did back in January.

For the evening my new roommates Anthony and Michele wanted to take me out to dinner as a Thank You. We went to Chili's and had a nice dinner. I of course am a creator of habit so when I find something I like I tend to eat it over and over and Chili's had some great Chicken strips with buffalo wing sauce. Afterwards we headed over to Edwards to watch a movie. We were debating on seeing Jack the Giant Slayer or Oz: The Great and Powerful. We agreed that Jack will be leaving theaters sooner so we should see it now and that's what we did.

If you don't know this movie is here's a brief synopsis: The ancient war between humans and a race of giants is reignited when Jack, a young farmhand fighting for a kingdom and the love of a princess, accidentally opens a gateway between the two worlds.

This movie was shot many years ago and because of behind the scenes drama it took a while for it to be released. The original title was Jack the Giant Killer, there is even a trailer with that title. But I guess Killer didn't test well so it was changed to Slayer.

My Review... As you all know if you are a regular reader of my blog that I'm a HUGE Fantasy lover. I think I like Fantasy more then Science Fiction (if i had to choose, thank goodness I don't have to). So I was looking forward to this movie. Of course it's based on Jack and the Beanstalk. When I left the theater I was satisfied. I thought the movie was good, it has a simply story, great effects and was just a fun adventure ride. Bryan Singer was the director and I have enjoyed all of his work. It had Ewen McGregor, who I adore and he was great in this. I enjoyed the little nods to the original fairytale and they fact that Fee, Fi, Fo and Fum were names of Giants. There were some great laughs and excellent action sequences. I would defiantly watch this again and will be buying it on blu-ray when it comes out. One thing I really enjoyed about the writing/character were the bad guys, they were so bad I was literally annoyed by them and when their end came I was extremely satisfied. I give Jack the Giant Slayer a solid B


  1. I have LOTRO downloaded and installed but I have yet to start playing. Looking forward to trying it out. My toughest task will be selecting a character.

  2. Yeah it's tough, especially the name.. but it's also one of my favorite parts of the game. I love that I get to make a character exactly how I want (within their parameters). But I'm happy with each one of my characters.