Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Next Day

So yesterday I was let go and today they asked if I would come in and show the new guy who was replacing me around. Give him the low down on what's been going on. Of course me being me I say yes. I figured it would also be nice to say goodbye to everyone.  I did emailed the staff last night and informed them that I was let go and that this new guy would be replacing me. I got a lot of very supportive emails in return... that was nice.

When the EP got into work she called a meeting. We all gathered and she began by saying "Well Kenny has decided to leave us." several heads turned to me with the expression of  "I thought they fired you" look. I was shocked and I really don't know why since she's "saving face" by not telling everyone that she's the one who had me fired. Instead all is well as she continue to live in her fairytale land of crazy.

I didn't say anything as I really didn't want start up anything. Several of the employees came to my office later and said.. So when did you quit.. and I said  jokingly I guess it was moments before they fired me. It's hilarious to me that she blatantly lied in front of the entire staff and everyone knew since they got the email I sent out the night before.  Just goes to show you what kind of person she really is.

Anyways I hung out at work most of the day giving the new guy the low down and the great thing is he said from what he's seen I did a fantastic job and he really doesn't see what he's going to be able to do unless they make the changes that I've been saying they need to do since the beginning. But that's no longer my problem and it feels great.

Gonna take the rest of this week off and then begin my job search next Monday.

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  1. Wow. If only you can choose your bosses! What a piece of work! Good luck, Kenny. I'm sure another (better) gig will surface! :)