Sunday, March 3, 2013

Souffles, Podcasts, LOTRO and Friends

Today I woke up and my new roommate Anthony was making some breakfast souffles. I've never had a souffle but it sounds very tasty. This is defiantly an upside to having roommates. Breakfast was ready and man was it good. I think I'm going to make something similar for my next movie marathon weekend.

I went to go work on my Alien Nation podcasts as it's due on the 10th and found out all that work I put into it yesterday was for nothing. The avi files that I created yesterday and uploaded were not good and there was nothing in them. So instead of finishing up my Alien Nation podcast I had to come up with another way of burning the DVD's and extracting the audio. This process took about three hours. During this time I could have worked on another podcast but instead I opted to catch up on some TV.

Once the videos were done an uploaded I really wasn't in the podcasting mood anymore so I pushed it off once again :( It's a problem that I have.  Instead I played some LOTRO. My bud Chris hasn't been around (busy with work) so I've been playing alone. I'm been using my female human Kiwyn alot since I reserve my Hobbit Drialdo for play with Chris. Kiwyn is leveling up nicely.

For the evening I headed over to my friend Sebastian's place. They moved a few days ago and I was going to check it out and have dinner with him and his girlfriend Amanda. It was great seeing these guys, I haven't seen Sebastian since before Christmas. We had dinner, complained about our jobs and had a nice evening.

When I got home Anthony and Michele were home and I checked out their first picture (ultrasound) of their baby.. looked like a peanut.. though a very cute peanut :) I called it a night and went to bed. I am not looking forward to work tomorrow.

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