Sunday, May 5, 2013

Renaissance Pleasure Faire


Going to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire with a bunch of friends today. I was dressing up in my Hobbit outfit. So I was up at 7am, taking a shower and getting ready. I wanted to be out the door by 8:30 and get to the faire by 10am when they opened. I went to make breakfast while Robert got up and showered. We had some biscuits and gravy, which was very tasty.

After breakfast Robert helped with putting on my Hobbit ears. And then I put my Hobbit wig on him so I could curl it. I don't think he enjoyed it but he did it anyone because he's an awesome friend. Time was flying and I was way behind schedule. Robert's outfit was awesome but he was done in a matter of minutes. I on the other hand took a few hours to get ready. I was finally transformed into a Hobbit (less the feet) as I can't drive with those feet on. We packed up the car and headed to the faire.

Traffic was good and we got there in about 45 minutes. I was expecting a line of cars to get in like it was last year but nothing.. we drove right in, paid for parking and made our way to the parking lot with very little traffic. In fact we were only a half hour later then I had planned.

I put on my feet in the parking lot and was ready to roam the fair as a Hobbit. We met up with my friends America and Dove who arrived about the same time we did. We went inside the faire and soon were joined by friends Josh, Nicole, Steve, Aaron, Patrick, Anthony, Robin, Michele and Rupert. Also Jessica and my "son" Jesse showed up, they were working at the faire along with a another friend of mine Courtney who we saw later in the day. It was a large group and planned to get larger as the day went on. We slowly moved through the faire checking out shops and things.

Dove attracted alot of attention from the ladies (and some men), we had some fun interaction with some faire characters. The group would split up from time to time but always seems to find each other again. Dallas, Jes, Becca and Will joined us around 1pm and we said goodbye to America and Dove. I ran into friends Michele Boyd and David Blue. Got this great group picture of our group before everyone started to break up. I spent the majority of my time with two of my favorite guys.. Robert and Jesse. The gang had gone into a 17 and over show and Jesse wasn't allowed in (or so we thought) so Robert and I walked around the faire with him.

We did some axe throwing and both Jesse and I got one out of 10 to stick. We meet back up with some of the gang and walked around another hour before meeting up with Will who was purchasing some Renaissance King clothing to match his crown he purchased last year. The park had closed at 7 and we were all still at the store. Around 7:30 Robert and I said our goodbyes and headed back to the car. It was so nice removing my wig and feet when I got to the car.

It was a fun day at the faire. Lot's of people enjoyed my Hobbit outfit and that made me happy. The weather was overcast and threaten to rain but it never did. It was great hanging with all my friends and especially seeing my little buddy Jesse.

Robert and I were starving so we grabbed some dinner on the way home and decided to watch a few episodes of Buffy season six before he headed back to his place.

We had finished seasons five yesterday so today we start with Season Six episode 1 Bargaining, Part One, The Scooby Gang try to keep up appearances of normality as they prepare a ritual to raise Buffy from the dead.

Season six isn't my favorite.. I love the second half of the season more then the first but this episode was good. I like how they try and keep up appearances by using the Buffy bot. Not sure the Scooby gang did the right thing by trying to bring back Buffy.. she was dead but I know for storywise it had to be done.

And because it was a two parter we watched the second half. Season six episode 2 Bargaining, Part Two, The Scoobies try to regroup as the demon bikers ravage Sunnydale and Buffy tries to figure out where she is—and why.

Another okay episode. I did like the scene when the Scooby gang realize the mistake they made by resurrecting Buffy but not realizing that she would awake inside her coffin deep in the ground.. that was just a stupid move. I did like that it was Dawn who finally got through to her and brought her back to the Buffy we know and love.

Like I said I'll have to sit through some okay episodes before we get to the more meaty stuff towards the end.

All in all it was a fantastic day and weekend. I want to thank my best bud Robert for hanging with me all weekend long. It was a blast and I can't wait to do it again. Love you buddy!!!

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