Saturday, May 11, 2013

Internet & Who Woes

I don't know what the issue is but my internet has been a little wonky as of late. Because I live in a very rural area I can't get the "normal" internet like most folks. No boardband or DSL, I tired HughesNet and that was a huge FAIL. There is this local company where I live that services this area and for the most part it's good service. I mean the speeds are slow but after three years I have kind of gotten use to them. But as of late my internet has been going out for four or five hours at a time. No explanation, but of course I'm not calling to complain either.

See I don't pay for my internet. Because of where my house is located they have one of the dishes on my property to service the valley below. They also use a bit of power to run it, which I pay for. So in return they offer me free internet. So it's tough to complain about something I don't really pay for. But man I can't wait to move and get high speed internet again.. I don't even know if I would know what to do with all that speed... but I can't wait to find out :)

Not much happen today.. Since my internet was done for a big chunk of the day, it forced me to actually be productive :). I went outside and worked on stuff in the yard. Filled in some rabbit holes (which are getting out of hand), cleaned up the yard, did a bit of weeding and moved some stuff around. Still have lots to do but it was so hot that I'd be out there for a half hour in 95 degree weather and then have to come in for an hour to cool down before going back out.. I did this three or four times (about 4 hours) before I called it a day.

I worked on my next MASH 4077 Podcast... again seems like it's taking me forever to finish this one. It's only because I only work on it for a half hour or so before being distracted. I hope to get it done soon.

I did watch the latest Doctor Who, this was the one written by Neil Gaiman (Who wrote The Doctors Wife last year and it was AMAZING) but like with the rest of this second half of series 7 I was not over joyed by it. I mean it had some good scenes and dialog and I loved Warwick Davis (he's a favorite of mine). But again it didn't leave me saying "OMG.. can't wait for next week." I don't know what is missing from this season.. maybe it's the overall story arc.. I love the character of Clara and the mystery of who she is but honestly with a few exceptions and reference they don't address it much in the episodes, if it's suppose to the overall story arc then have it in the story. These episodes have pretty much been stand alone episodes. And like I said.. I enjoy them, it's Doctor Who and even okay Who is great TV, guess I just expect more this series. We have only one more episode before this season is over but this second half of season 7 will probably be my least favorite of the series.

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