Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mom, Flowers & Dragons

Today I was up fairly early.. did something to my left foot yesterday while out in the yard. Feels like it's bruised on the inside and I now walk with a slight limp, hope it feels better soon.

Visiting Mom for Mother's Day today. It's kind of a tradition I always visit her and either take her out to lunch or we BBQ at her place.. this time around it's going to just be her and I for Mother's Day. I don't get to see my mom as much as I would like so the time we do get to spend together is very important to me.

Stopped by Starer Bros to pick up some flowers.. I was there way to long, I always get her several bouquets of flowers and then combine them into one large bouquet. But I went back and forth debating on weather to get a plant this year as it would last longer. I had many items in my hand but kept going back and forth for about 20 minutes before finally just going with my original idea and get the two bouquets.

I got to Mom's and she was surprised that I had gotten her flowers (since I'm jobless at the moment), but it's a special day and I had to buy her flowers. Took her to a local Mexican restaurant.. one that she rarely goes it.  We had a great lunch, we got to catch up on each others lives.

Afterwards we headed back to her place to relax and just hang out for an hour or so. I had to leave around 3pm as I had a D&D campaign tonight at 4:30pm. They actually pushed it an hour so that those of us who had Mom's close by could still do something with them and still participate in the game.

Got to Dallas' by 4:00pm and still had a half hour to kill so I went to the local Ralphs to pick up some snacks. Walked into Dallas' place at 4:20 to find Dallas (of course) with Brett and Aaron. The next half hour the rest of the gang showed up. It wasn't the full crew like last time but a good amount. Dallas, Brett, Aaron, Will, Anthony, Rupert, Josh, Luis, Kenny and a new addition Adam. Later in the evening Jes and Jen would join us.

Once again my character Dash was quiet and pretty much took a back seat to the more prominent characters. We fought some Chocladites for the majority of the night before being arrested (and meeting Adam's character). We met with the Major and a Widow who gave us a task. We came into contact with some low lives in a seedy bar before calling it a night.

Dash did pretty good at fighting some Chocladies but wasn't able to kill any, but I think he held his own. He needs to come out of his shell a bit, maybe find someone within the group to buddy up with. The whole reason he volunteered for the quest was to help cultivate he's people skills. So far he's not doing a great job at that.

It was another fun night of D&D with friends. Instead of waiting two weeks to meet again we are actually meeting next Sunday to play again. Can't wait to see what this mysterious town has in store for us.

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