Monday, May 13, 2013

LOTRO Fiasco & Once Upon A Time Finale

Today a huge update to Lord of the Rings Online was released (Updated 11). It took about two and a half hours for me to download the patch. Once it was downloaded I tried for over an hour to get LOTRO to launch but it wouldn't. I finally was about to get to my character screen and all my characters were gone. A slight panic took over as I have put in hundreds of hours on those characters and I didn't want to have to start over again. I the panic soon left as I figured they must have back ups of everyone just in case something happens.

My buddy Chris uploaded and opened LOTRO with no issues. At first I thought it was just me but soon I found a thread on their forums with hundreds of people who were having the same issue. Finally LOTRO released a tweet saying they were trying to resolve the issue but didn't have an ETA of when that might be.

Come to find out that this is the norm for a major update to this game, always has bugs that effect a large number of people. Guess I was lucky that I was only down for half  a day.. could have been worse.


So Chris and I decided to watch the last two episodes of Once Upon A Time. Since Chris has been on vacation the past few weeks we haven't been able to watch together. So we had the second to last episode and the finale to watch. If you read my blog you know that I love Once Upon A Time, it's my favorite new TV series on right now. I loved season one and I loved how season two took the series in a whole new direction. So I was looking forward to seeing how it all end. The second to last episode was all about Baelfire and Peter Pan, was very enjoyable.

The finale was AWESOME... everything I hoped it would be. I had no idea that the previous episode was a lead in for what's to come. And the final scene leads to what will be the main story next season. Who'd of guest that Peter Pan is the new bad guy (or it seems that way) Looks like we will be spending the majority if not all our time in Neverland with the main characters. Kind of bums me out that we won't be seeing any of the secondary characters next season (at least it seems that way). I want to know why Peter Pan is looking for Henry, kidnapping boys from all over? And for that matter I want to know who Peter Pan is.. is he someone we already met or a completely new character? Guess will just have to wait and see... so excited.

After Once, Chris and I attempted to get back on LOTRO and after some tinkering around it finally worked. I logged in and all my characters were there. So Chris and I played for about four or five hours before calling it a night as we both needed some dinner.

To end my night I finally managed to finish editing my next MASH 4077 Podcast, which is due out on May 15th... woohoo

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