Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Buffy Rewatch/1st Time Continues...

It's Wednesday so that means I drive down to my best bud Robert's place for some dinner and Buffy. We walked over to Taco Bell for some vittles. Back at his place we continued the Buffy marathon. We are in the middle of Season Six. First up is Episode 7 "Once More With Feelings" In this episode, a mysterious force compels Sunnydale residents to sing songs that reveal their true feelings and deep secrets. Buffy is forced to finally admit to her friends that they pulled her out of heaven—not hell as they believed. Later, she and Spike share a kiss.

This is one of my all time favorite Buffy episodes. I have the sound track and listen to it often. I know most of the words to most of the songs. The music is great but so many things happen in this episodes. Tara finds out about Willow's mind trick on her and is devastated. Buffy reveals that she was in Heaven and everyone is devastated. This episode was a game changer for story and for story telling for a TV series.

Next was Episode 8 "Tabula Rasa" In the aftermath of the discovery that they had pulled Buffy Summers out of Heaven, Rupert Giles finally resolves to leave Sunnydale and return to England to allow Buffy to gain independence. Meanwhile, Willow Rosenberg agrees to go a week without using magic when Tara Maclay threatens to leave her, but almost immediately goes back on her word and casts another memory spell with the intent of making Tara and Buffy forget the damages of the spells she used on them. The spell goes awry and gives the entire Scooby Gang, including herself, complete amnesia, which puts everyone in danger when a demonic loan shark, Teeth, and his vampire enforcers attack the Magic Box to collect Spike's gambling debt.

This was a fun episode in the since that the actors got to play completely different roles.  Once the spell was broken then all the seriousness took over. Willow is going down a dark path and it's hard to watch as she's one of my favorite characters (of course I've seen all these episodes before so I know what happens but it's fun watching with Robert who has never seen it). Robert could not believe that Buffy and Spike continued with their weird relationship.

Our third episode of the night is Episode 9 "Smashed" Willow "de-rats" Amy. The Trio rob the Sunnydale Museum of Natural History. Buffy and Spike engage in some very rough play.

Again hard to watch as Willow continue down the darkside with the help of fellow witch Amy. And Buffy and Spike finally have sex while destroying a house was epic.

Our final episode of the night is Episode 10 "Wrecked" Willow is finally forced to face the consequences of her addiction when her carelessness lands Dawn in the hospital.

Willow finally hits rock bottom (of has she?) Alyson's acting is incredible. When she is pleading with Buffy for help it's heart breaking. There is no excuse for what she did but part of me still feels so sad for her. She addicted to magic, she can't help herself.

Season six isn't my favorite season.. but I do love the final four episodes, they are some of the best episodes of all of the Buffy series.

Another great Buffy and Bros with my best bud Robert.

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