Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Trek, Trek & Buffy

Spent some of the day prepping and uploading material to edit for my next MASH 4077 Podcast. Got a few hours of editing done, but still have a few hours to go before it's ready to be released.

I saw that Star Trek the Exhibition is going back on tour. It's starting in San Diego, then Los Angeles and finally Arizona. I went to this many years ago and totally loved it. I got the three day pass and went all three days and spent the entire time there. I mean you could do and see everything in a day but I just loved immersing myself into that world. Now it's changed since I saw it last. Once it left LA it was split into two tours and went all over. But it's back and it's going to be at the Los Angeles County Fair and of course I'm going to go. Hopefully I'll be able to drag along a few friends to go with me. You can find out more info HERE.

Speaking of Star Trek.. I purchased my ticket for Star Trek Into Darkness. It's opening on Thursday but I'm not seeing it until Saturday. I wanted to make it a group event so I invited a bunch of folks and I figured Saturday mid day would be the best time for everyone. So far we got a nice group together.. we plan on seeing it on Saturday May 18th at 2:15pm at Sherman Oaks Arclight... if you wish to join us. We're all sitting in row J (J10 - J15)

Since it's Wednesday you know what that means.. it's Buffy and Bros with my best bud Robert. Got to his place around 7pm, he ordered pizza and wings so we ate dinner and start our first episode of the night. Season 6, Ep 3 "After Life" The Scooby Gang fights a ghostly demon that appears as a consequence of resurrecting Buffy. Buffy adjusts to being alive.

It's a good episode, but as I have mentioned before the beginning of season six isn't my favorite but was good seeing Buffy become Buffy again. And this episode had some very creepy and scary moments when that "ghost" would take over people bodies.

Next up was Season 6, Ep 4 "Flooded" Still adjusting to being raised from the dead, Buffy must also deal with a mountain of unpaid bills and a flood in the basement. However the Slayer's spirits are raised slightly as Giles returns to Sunnydale. Meanwhile, Warren, Andrew, and Jonathan have teamed up with the goal of taking over Sunnydale. Giles confronts Willow over her decision to bring back Buffy from the dead.

Really enjoyed this episode. We are introduced to the Trio this episode. I love that Giles confronts Willow about using magic and how defensive Willow gets..even going as far as threatening Giles. Some major fore shadowing to what's to come. Giles is really becoming a "father" figure to Buffy.. more now then ever before.

Our third episode of the night Season 6, Ep 5 "Life Serial" Buffy tries to focus on doing something useful and profitable, but The Trio are after her to make her life more difficult with their little devices and spells.

Liked this episode, had some really funny moments. It was great watching the Trio screw with Buffy's head and making her life harder, not realizing what just had happen to her. To them it was all a test to see who of the three could best her.

And our final episode of the evening Season 6, Ep 6 "All the Way" Xander and Anya announce their engagement to the Scoobies. Tara and Willow fight about Willow's overuse of magic. Dawn and her friend go out with two older boys who turn out to be vampires.

Not a favorite of mine, had some good moments and of course it's an important part to what's coming for the season but I'm a huge Willow fan and she was being a bitch and I didn't like seeing that side to her. Also with Dawn being the Slayer's sister you would think she would be a little more cautious but again it moving her character along this season..

It's tough watching these episodes as I know where the story is going. I try to not spoil things for Robert but sometimes I can't keep my mouth shut.

Can't wait for the next episode.. one of my all time favorite episodes.. "Once More With Feelings".. can't wait to share that with Robert next week.

Another awesome night hanging with my best bud watching one of my favorite TV shows and eating pizza and wings.. doesn't get any better then that. 

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