Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dungeon and Dragons - Pathfinder

Today is our fourth D&D Pathfinder session. Playing today was Will, Robert, Kenny, Dallas, Brett, Josh, Jen, Jes, Aaron and Rupert... also Matt joined us mid-way through.

Today session was a bit more action packed then the last session. We fought some dogs and their handlers as well as some zombie like brainwashed townsfolk. We ended the night walking into a chamber full of skeletons that just came to life.. dun dun dun...

My character Dash didn't have much luck with his magic spells but did manage to use his quarterstaff quite effectively. Our group was split up for a time which makes things a bit chaotic, but eventually we all came back together for the bigger battles. This time around we really kicked some butt.

Some folks didn't seem to be interested in playing and were being more social so it was difficult at times to hear Dallas (the game master). I think this is due to the fact that we have a very large group and it takes awhile for your turn to come back around. Plus we all love hanging out with each other so we tend to talk when we are together.

Overall it was another fun and entertaining game play. Dallas once again took us on a fun adventure and the way we left things I think our next session is going to start off with a bang... can't wait.

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