Saturday, June 8, 2013

Disneyland and Vampires

So I crashed at Robert's place last night as we are going to Disneyland in the morning and he lives closer. We were up and out around 9am, we made it to Disneyland around 10 and it wasn't to busy. I thought, since it was a Saturday, that it would be busy but the parking structure wasn't that bad. First thing we did was get a corn dog, we didn't eat breakfast and were both hungry.

After the corn dog we headed over to Star Tours to get a fast pass and then rode Astro Blaster for our first ride. The competitive nature comes out in the both of us when we go head to head but Robert won this round.

Next was Space Mountain, we waited about 45 minutes or so, which really in the big picture isn't that bad. It gives Robert and I some time to chat and boy do we have some crazy conversations. I won't go into details but it was a very enlightening and somewhat disgusting conversation :)

It was now time for our fast pass for Star Tours so we rode that next, we got Hoth for our first planet, which I really enjoy, then Leia spoke to us about the rebel spy and for our second stop we got Coruscant, which isn't my favorite but still fun. On our way out we grabbed a churro to enjoy and walked over to Adventure Land. We planned to ride Indiana Jones but the wait was an hour so instead we go a fast pass and made our way to Pirates of the Caribbean. We chose poorly on which line to get into (there are two) so it took a bit longer to get on the ride but still it gave Robert and I time to just hang.

Next was The Haunted Mansion, this ride we literally walked onto, there was hardly any wait time. Like Pirates this ride is just fun to chill and relax. It's great to get off your feet and just have fun.

After the Hunted Mansion we were ready for some lunch, I wanted to try this Mexican restaurant over in Frontier Land which until recently never knew it existed. Robert and I got the same thing, some cheese enchiladas and they were very tasty.

When we were done with lunch we headed back to Indiana Jones as our fast pass time was now but the ride of down and they weren't sure when it would be up again. They said we could use our fast pass any time today when the ride is working again.

If you don't know what a fast pass is, you can get a hour time period on when you can bypass a large chunk of the line. You can only get so many per day and when they first started you had to come between the times listed, but for years now it didn't matter on what time you came as along as it was after the first time listed, but Robert informed me that they have gone back to having to go in-between the times listed.

Since we couldn't get on Indiana Jones and the Matterhorn had the biggest line I'd seen in years we headed over to Disney California Adventures.

First ride we did there was Radiator Springs Racers, we did the single rider line as the regular line can take hours, and the single rider line only 20 minutes. And the cool thing is Robert and I actually got to ride in the same car.. so win win for us.

After Racers we got some soft served ice cream (you can only get it at DCA). We ate while we were in line for Screaming.

Next was Midway Mania and again here is were our competitive nature came into effect again but this time I beat Robert.. woohoo.

We then did Silly Symphony Swings, this isn't one of my normal rides but Robert really enjoys them and I don't mind swinging.

After the swings we did Goofy's Sky School, which is always a lot of fun. Little Mermaid, which is a new favorite of mine at DCA and finally Mater's Tractor Pull, which was my first time on this ride and it's alot of fun.

We headed back over to Disneyland to ride Indiana Jones but when we got there it was broken down again, by this time it was just after 7:30 and we both agreed we had a great time and was ready for some dinner.

I mentioned going to Denny's as I enjoy their buffalo chicken strips, and Robert said we should do Buffalo Wild Wings. I've only been there once and lucky for us there is one near Disneyland, well actually closer to Knott's Berry Farm. Anyways we were there for a few hours and enjoyed several different types of buffalo wings as well as buffalo fries, it was all was very tasty. I even purchase several bottle of the buffalo sauce to use at home.. yum!!

We headed back to Roberts and decided to end the night with some Buffy. We continued our Buffy rewatch/first time. We are in the middle of the final season. Tonight we started with S7 Ep 10 "Bring on the Night" Buffy attempts to rescue Spike from The First. Giles arrives in town with three Potential Slayers and some unnerving news.

A good episode.. this is the first episode that really starts the beginning of the end of the series. Giles returns with, what we know now as "Potential" Slayers. I was never a bit fan of these Potential as I was always to understood that there is born 1 slayer per generation to fight evil. But now there are a ton. I mean I understand that slayers die and they need replacements but this story line never really made since to me. But that doesn't mean it took anything about from the final season and these episodes.. still loved them.

We watched one more episode before calling it a night, S7 Ep 11 "Showtime" Buffy must win back the confidence of Potential Slayers; Anya and Giles seek out an oracle.

Anther good episode, my friend Felicia Day is introduced as one of the potentials which is awesome. Buffy got her ass kicked by the vampire that vampires fear. Poor Spike is being tortured but he still hold out hope that Buffy will save him.  Some of the potential were so whiny but end the end they were all schooled by Buffy and who begins to build this arm against the first evil. This was a really good build up episode.

By this time it was super late so I decided to crash as Robert's house again and head home early in the morning. It was an awesome day of Best buds, Disney magic and Buffy kick ass.. couldn't get any better then that.

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