Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back on Track!!

New week.. new attitude. I couldn't do much yesterday because I really wanted to visit family.. so today is all about getting back in the groove. I have podcasts to edit, a house to finish painting and a yard that needs some attention.

I started with my MASH 4077 Podcast, it's due to be released in two days and I barely got the audio strungout. I had so many issue yesterday when I was trying to import the tv episode and come to find out that it actually was my MASH project on my Avid that was having the issue. Only took me a few hours to realize that. So today I had more issues. We had a special guest co-host on this episode and for some reason his audio was extremely low and I couldn't boost it enough in Avid so I had to take the file and bring it into Audacity but for some reason the file I had was corrupt and I couldn't open it. This is where panic starts to creep in. I'm thinking to myself how hard is it going to be to cut around his audio if I can't get it to work. Luckily I was able to use the audio that I imported into the Avid. All I had to do was export it as an AIFF file and then import it into Audacity and that seemed to work.

Of course when you boost a persons audio you also boost all the surrounding noise so there were some loud hissing going on so I ran a normalizer over it to try and pull some of it out.. it worked for the most part. It's the 100% clear but it's good enough for the podcast.

So I re-imported Rick's audio and added it to the string out. At this point everything was strung out and it was time to actually start to edit the audio. But I wanted to get some work done in the yard while it was light outside. I figured I could finish the podcast later in the evening. So I journeyed out into the hot 90 degree weather and started working on my yard. I worked out there for about an hour before having to come back inside to recoup from the heat. I had some lunch and watched a bit of TV and realized that it's just too hot to continue to work outside. So I went back to my MASH podcast.

I do four passes on my podcasts, I first string out all the audio, I then go through and edit the audio down.. take out um's or breaths or flubs. The third pass is where I add the audio bites from the actual TV episode and for the final pass I "sweeten" the audio. I use dissolve to make things blend together and I do one final listen to make sure everything sounds good.

I finished my MASH podcast around 4pm and started to talk with my buddy Chris. He mentioned that he was going to jump on LOTRO and play for a bit. Since we don't get to play often I said I was just finishing up my MASH edit and as a reward to myself I wanted to jump on a play for a bit with him.. so that's what's I did.

Chris and I played LOTRO for about 2 1/2 hours (lots of fishing). As always it's a blast playing LOTRO with a fellowship.. even if it's a fellowship of two. We finished up around 6:30pm and I went back outside to do some more yard work.. it was much cooler.

I spent the rest of the evening, prepping more podcasts, and finally catching up on my blog posts. With this blog post I am officially caught up.. woohoo.

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