Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rough Times & Great Friends

Woke up this morning with a sore throat.. not sure if it's "Con Crud" or not since SDCC was a week and half ago. Anyways I don't feel so great so I spent the majority of the day in my chair feeling dizzy and watching TV. I did manage to go outside and do some yard work, I even started editing my next MASH podcast 14 days before it's due (which is huge for me :)

I had to go to the post office to mail out some things that came to my house for Anthony and Michele, been promising to do that since before SDCC. After that I went to Taco Bell to grab a late lunch/early dinner and while I was in the drive through my buddy Chris texted me with an important question. I'm not going to go into detail here but needless to say it made my day and it's not because of what he asked or did, it's knowing that I have a friend who thinks that much of me.. he truly is my best friend and I love him to death.

Driving back home. I tweeted "I may be getting sick and life might not be going as planned at the moment.. But you know what.. My heart is happy" and it's true...  It's hard to explain the feeling of simple joy. My heart was happy. My life is pretty rough at the moment, I haven't been able to find steady work in a long while, I have ran out of money and as of July I'm living off credit cards. I'm doing everything I can to try and not lose my house and car. But what I have an abundance of are friends and love. They keep me going, they keep me smiling, they are the reason why I'm not curled up in a ball on my bed having a panic attack. 

And thank goodness for season passes, both my Disneyland and Magic Mountain passes were purchased well before my financial woes, so I'm still able to go out once in a while and have some fun with these friends. 

So life isn't going as planned at the moment but hey.. it could always be worse. I'm thankful for all that I do have.. and that's alot of love :)

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