Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hobbits, Droids & Harpies.. oh my!!

Today is Sunday so that means D&D Pathfinder, but that's not until 3:30pm. I planned to edit my next MASH podcast or finish up more blogs but instead by best bud Chris came online and asked if I wanted to do some questing on Lord of the Rings Online. And since he's extremely busy and we barely find time to play together I of course said yes.. everything else could wait. So we played LOTRO for about four hours before I had to call it day and get ready for D&D.

Something awesome happen during this time at Star Wars Celebration Europe, they announced that Star Wars Celebration VII will be happening during the month of April in 2015 at the Anaheim Convention Center... wooohooo!!! I'm super excited as I haven't been to a Celebration since IV here in Los Angeles. Of course it makes sense that they would be having in 2015 a few months before the release of Star Wars Episode VII and it makes since that it would Anaheim where Disneyland is.  What is crazy is that tickets are going on sale in nine days for this... that's a year and a half before the event. I am of course getting a 4 days pass the moment they go on sale. I don't have money but this is worth putting on credit card. I know my buddy Chris and my brother Mike will be going with me.. it's going to be EPIC!!!!

I got to D&D just in time at 3:30pm and most of the folks were already there. I hugged my hellos and found a spot on the couch. We were still waiting for three other people so we got a game of Cards Against Humanity going.. that's always a fun game to play.

Here's a great sysnopsis from tonights ordeal (Thanks Dallas for writing this)

Melzarin said that he’d come along to guide you to the temple but he wanted first pick of the treasure. The party hesitantly agreed so the aged wizard folded up his house, stuffed it into his hat, and was ready to go. On the walk over to the widow’s cottage to retrieve Elward, it became apparent that the venerable wizard was really going to slow the group down so after the widow talked your ear off, you hit up the livery to see if there were any horses. The stables were pretty picked over but you did find an old broken down nag and a cart. You also found the liveryman’s life savings but put it back for safekeeping and set out upon your journey.

It took four days of travel across the plains, the Hazy Wood, and the Dirk Moors before you arrived at the secret temple dug into a damned off area of the Dirk Moors. Ginneon slipped on the slimy steps and Zander grabbed after him, sending both sliding down into the darkness. Zander very nearly died facing off against the guardsmen at the bottom but in the end they were defeat with the last shoeless minion being sent back down to the bottom again with a mighty kick from Nár. The party helped themselves to the black and red robes that the guardsmen were wearing.

Meandering through the subterranean tunnels, you found the barracks and managed to bypass other sleeping guards. You helped yourself to some dried beans in the dining nook. After finding a door with a black mark on it, you backtracked to the crocodile pool, and then, deciding that the unknown was somehow better than the known, backtracked again. A harpy sang to the stalwarts of Ginneon, Elward, and Jefrion but they resisted the charm of her song and she attacked. With the party members pushing their way in, she was defeated in short order. Just as the party was about to leave, the heard a voice calling out from the harpy’s lair.

Zander braved the muddy pit to make it to the harpy’s lair and found a young female Dragon Cultist with her eyes clawed out. After finding the bit of gewgaws that harpies like hoard, the party prepared to cross the pit again only to hear the hideous screeching of another harpy and those fatal words, “Oh, it’s the harpy’s mate.”

Dun, dun, dun... We gotta wait three weeks before we find out what happens next. It was another fun adventure.. my character Dash leveled up.. I'm now one of the few level 2 characters. Thanks Dallas for making this such an awesome game.

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