Saturday, July 27, 2013

Special Lunch, Vasquez and Flirting

Woke up and made breakfast for Dani and I. While we ate breakfast we watched Wreck it Ralph, again I love this movie and I'm so glad Dani enjoyed it as well. Afterwards I was taking Dani to a Greg Benson shoot down in Los Feliz. This was a great opportunity for her as she lives in Brazil and would have never have had a chance to be in one of Greg's videos.

I dropped her off and headed to Universal Citywalk were I was meeting with more friends from out of town.. Eva from Canada and Lydia from German. They were both visiting LA after being at SDCC last week. We had lunch at Tony Romas. By the time we were done Dani was done with her shoot so I went back to pick her up. Lydia and Eva walked around Citywalk before heading up to my place to hang out.

The four of us hung out at my place for about an hour and half. Dani packed up her stuff as her flight was leaving at 9:30pm. This was Eva's first time at my place so as always we had to visit Vasquez Rocks. We walked around for about 45 minutes, took pictures and had a nice time.

At 6:30pm Dani and I said goodbyes to Eva and Lydia and headed to LAX. Surprisingly traffic wasn't bad and we got there in just under and hour. That gave Dani 2 hours to check in and get to her flight.

It was nice having Dani as a house guest, though for a short time. She seems to come out to the states ever other year.. so I hope we get to hang out again in a few years.

After dropping off Dani at LAX I stopped by a Taco Bell to grab some dinner. While I was there a gentleman.. I'm thinking late 40's walked in, looked over at me and smiled. I didn't think anything of it as I was eating my burrito. But when I looked up again he turned and caught my eye and smiled again. Now I'm really bad at picking up if someone is flirting with me.. but I think he was. Of course nothing came of it as I had left before he got his food. And honestly at the time I wasn't sure what was going on... if he was flirting with me.. it did kind of made me feel good, it's not very often that someone is interested in me.

Got home around 9pm, watched some TV and called it a night.

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