Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Guild is 6 Years Old!!

6 years ago today The Guild premiered on You Tube. Now I wasn't there when they released the first episode. I remember my friend Rico from the Treks in Sci Fi forums posted a link a few months later with the first episode. I remember watching it and something about it just hooked me. I wasn't a gamer so it was that but something about the characters, the writing, the humor that just clicked with me. This series was my first foray into webseries.

I was there during season one as they slowly released new episodes, I remember when they started asking for paypal donation to help get the next episode done which I was happen to contribute.

Then during the break between seasons 1 & 2 I emailed Kim and Felicia and offered my services. I am a Post Supervisor, I had (at the time) a facility with avids if they needed editing done. But what I really wanted to do was produce, shoot and edit some behind the scenes specials for their DVD's. I love that kind of stuff and I know season one DVD really didn't have a lot of stuff. They rely on the sales of DVDs to make more seasons so I wanted to help anyway I could.

They really liked this idea and so began my journey as an official member of The Guild family. I did DVD BTS stuff for Seasons 2 & 3, I also started Knights of the Guild Podcast with my friend Jenni (who also worked for The Guild) between seasons 2 & 3. For season 4 DVD BTS they went a different direction and didn't ask me back but I talked with Kim about taking my podcast to the next level and so CompanionCasts were born. Each episode of seasons 4 & 5 had an accompanying CompanionCast with cook behind the scenes information and interviews for that specific episodes. I continued to work on Season 6 but not in the same capacity as I did with previous seasons, hence why there aren't any CompanionCasts for seasons six. The podcast is still going but I'm releasing cool season six interviews with cast members right now. Once those are done I plan to do one final "big" episode and then lay the podcast to rest.

I can say that with out of doubt my life changed the day I went to the apartment complex for the first day of shooting of season 2. I've met so many incredible crew members, actors and awesome people from all over the world because of the Guild. But the best thing that would happen to me didn't happen until season 5 when I met a group of extras (My Geek Mob), who will forever be part of my life. I found that group of "friends" that I have been looking for my entire life (40 years). I also have The Guild to thank for introducing me to two of my most favorite people in the world Chris and Robert, I couldn't ask for better best friends.

I don't know where my life would be if The Guild hadn't come into it. Thank you Felicia for creating such an amazing show and allowing me to become part of your family. I will never be able to say Thank you enough.


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  1. I didn't catch on to the Guild until season 1 was just wrapping up... but man I am glad I did!

    I can only imagine how creatively inspiring being able to work with that team is up close and in person. I know what a huge influence they have had on me all the way on the other coast!

    Ah the power of the Internet...

    Viva la Guild!