Friday, July 26, 2013

My Brazilian Friend & Google Hangout

Today I picked up my friend Dani who is visiting from Brazil, she was up north visiting some friends. She is coming back to the LA area as she flies out of LAX tomorrow. So I'm picking her up from the bus station and she is crashing at my place tonight then I'm taking her to LAX tomorrow evening (I'm such a good friend) :)

I picked Dani up at the Greyhound station in San Frenando, then we went to Islands for some lunch. Afterwards as I do with everyone who visits my place I took her to Vasquez Rocks and we walked around for about a half hour.

Back at home we sifted through all my movie screeners from last year and picked out three movies that she had not seen and wanted to see, Argo, Rise of the Guardians and Wreck it Ralph..  We really weren't in a "drama" mood so we watched one of my favorite movies from last year Rise of the Guardians. I love this movie so much and I'm happy to say she really enjoyed it as well.

It was now about 9pm and we thought about watching Wreck it Ralph but she was tired (long day of traveling by bus) and my buddy Chris was having a Google Hangout that I really wanted to join. Dani jumped on her computer and started checking emails and such while I jumped on the hangout. There were alot of friends there and it was AWESOME!!!

Google hangouts are the next best thing to actually hanging out in person. The conversations were all over the place and at one point we played an online mad libs .. this was the final result.

Magic, Anyone?
By: Roger Price & Leonard Stern

Dinosaurs of all ages enjoy watching Drunk magicians perform their Crazy tricks. Every man, woman, and Guild of Extras loves to see a magician pull a/an Hat out of a hat, saw a live Magic Eight Ball in half, or make a huge Willem Dafoe disappear into Sleepy air. Audiences love when magicians perform sleight of dicks with a deck of Tentacles, a/an Hairy coin, or a silk pizza.

The greatest of all magicians was the slutty Harry Houdini, who was able to escape from a locked Glitter even though his breasts were tied behind his taints and his feet were wrapped in iron lamps.

Needless to say good times were had... Dani went to bed and I stayed and hungout until about 11pm or so. At that point I called it a night and crashed.

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