Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Guild Yearbooks

The Guild released a Companion Book for the series during con. A group of us got the exclusive edition which Titian apparently only made or brought 30 of them. The special edition is identical to the standard one you can buy at a bookstore or with a few exceptions.. it's hardbound and has a page at the beginning with a drawing from Jeff Carlisle and the autographs of the six main cast members. We purchased our books Wednesday night during preview night right before the con floor closed. We heard they were sold out by 10am the next day.

I can't remember exactly when.. it may have been on the shuttle ride back to the hotel Wednesday night but Chris mentioned that since there are so many Guildies here at con we should get them to sign our books.. make them Yearbooks for the Guild. Both Robert and I loved the idea and soon word of the Guild Companion books becoming Guild Yearbooks got around and everyone was having their books signed.

We spent Thursday to Sunday trying to get as many Guldies to sign our books.. some of the messages were fun and were very yearbooky.. like "Senior Rule!!!" or "Stay Sweet".. I wrote in many of them "Have a Bitchen' Summer.. K.I.T (then my phone number)." Some of the messages were serious and sweet. How much they enjoyed getting to know me or hanging out with me or being part of the guild.

It was a brilliant idea and so much fun. I'm going to continue to get folks/Guildies to sign my book even after comic con. There are a bunch of us out there and I won't be satisfied until I get them all.

Here are my thoughts on the content of the book... it's pretty amazing, very detailed and covers almost every aspect of the webseries. I haven't been able to read it cover to cover yet but I did take an hour and go through it. I'm happy to say that they used quite a few pictures that I took while on set. So I got a cool photo credit at the beginning of the book. I also get thanked by Felicia and Kim Evey at the end of the book and Felicia even mentions the podcast I created for the Guild, Knights of the Guild. Would I have loved a bit more about the podcast under the Fandom section.. sure but then I understand that the podcast was never an official part of The Guild though I think it was an important part of it. Overall it was a fitting tribute to a fantastic webseries and I'm happy to have been a small part of it.

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  1. The podcast always has a special place in my heart (as does the Guild). I'm happy I got to help out a bit doing ADR for Season 6!