Friday, August 2, 2013

Podcasts, LOTRO & Pests

After my doctors visit I came home and jumped right into editing another MASH podcast. This one isn't due until August 15th but I really want to try and get as many of them done beforehand as possible. We record up to six podcast at a time and I normally wait until a few days before they are due to be released to edit them.. well that's going to change. I'm going to try and edit the remaining five that I have recorded for the next few month in the next few days.. get them out of the way. Took me about six hours but I got MASH 4077 Podcast Episode 60 done and ready to go.

I took a break from podcasting and jumped on LOTRO and played for a few hour, they are still doing their summer festival and the have daily quests you can do over and over. While I was playing and traveling from one location to another (sometimes it could take a few minutes by horse) I wrote some more blogs. I'm really trying to stay up on my daily blogging. I also realized that it was getting dark and I had to take a break and go out and water my trees and shrubs. Yeah I'm still watering everything by hand until I can afford to hire someone to come out and look at my watering system. It's a pain in the butt but it's something I have to do.

I jumped back on LOTRO and played for another hour.. while I was playing I started talking with my buddy Chris and updating him on my doctor visit.

I finished playing LOTRO and still had a few hours before I was going to bed so I figured I'd get a jump start on editing my next Alien Nation Podcast. But before I got started I went into my kitchen to get a snack and I noticed at the bottom of the pantry, a bag of paste was torn open and then there were a few other things with holes in them.. crap, I thought, I have another mouse in the house. Living rural this is a common occurrence but it's been a good six months since my last visitor. I went to throw the open bags away and turned on a light and I don't know who was more startled the mouse or me.. I could hear it's little feet slipping on the wood floor. It took off further into the house.. I searched for it for a while but no luck.. time to get the traps out again. I hate killing these mice as I love rats and mice (I've had many as pets in years past). But this one has got to go.

Anyways I did mange to string out my audio for Alien Nation, and do my second pass of editing out all the flubs and dead air. I started cutting in audio bites from the actual TV episode but my eyes started to go cross about 10 minutes in so I called it a night.. will finish it off tomorrow.

So tomorrow I start my new daily workout and try and cut down on my carbs and sugars.. this is going to be fun.

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