Friday, July 12, 2013

Beautiful Skies, LOTRO and Spoilers

Today we had some beautiful skies. There were lots and lots of what I like to call popcorn clouds. It was so pretty I had to take several photos and share them on Facebook and Twitter.

<-- This was my favorite of the two pixs. 

Played a little Lord of the Rings Online with my buddy Chris. We haven't played in a while and he only had a few hours to play but we made the most of it. I really miss playing with him. I mean I have fun playing alone but it doesn't compare when you are part of a Fellowship fighting a good fight with a friend by your side. I know the next few months will be tough for him but I hope to get some play time in with him in the near future.

Today on Twitter my buddy made a comment about "Spoilers" and how long you should wait before posting them on social networks. He mentioned 2 years, I was dumbfounded by his tweet. He's saying that we should wait 2 years before talking about our favorite TV series or movie on social media. I think that's crazy. Don't get me wrong.. I hate spoilers and with social media these days and living on the west coast I am often spoiled by the east coast, but waiting 2 years is a bit excessive. I think two weeks is appropriate. That gives people who are watching it time to see it. And honestly I think two weeks is asking a lot from people. What do you guys think? What's the appropriate amount of time you should wait before discussing your favorite TV/Move in depth on social media?

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