Thursday, July 11, 2013

Buzzcut, Sharks and Tornados

Today I buzzed my head. I tend to do this every now and then. My buddy Thomas posted a you tube video from his trip to LA last year and I was in it and man did I look bad.. not only was/am I fat but my hair was horrible. I really do enjoy long curly hair but the longer my hair gets the worse it makes my thinning/bald spot on top look. But when the hair is short the thinning/bald spot isn't as noticeable and I think it looks better. So I think I'll maintain this look.. (buzz cut with a day of beard growth). I think it suits me.. what do you guys think?

The other big thing today was the filling up of my twitter and facebook feeds with Sharknado comments... I can't believe how much hype has been going on with this Syfy B Movie. Syfy has a ton of these really cheesy movies but I have never seen so much live tweeting while one was airing. It was like Mystery Science Theaters, The Twitter Version. I only caught bits and pieces of the show itself but did record a later airing on my DVR to view at a later date. But honestly I think the commentary was much more enjoyable then the actual movie. But I guess I'll see when I finally sit down and watch Sharknado.

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