Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hobbit Feet, Barnyard & Podcasts

Today I headed to the Barnyard to drop off some shoes so I could get another set of Hobbit feet made for me. Greg Aronowitz made my first pair almost three years ago and they have held up pretty well. I've done 2 SDCC, 2 Wondercons, 1 Ren Faire and a 1 Comikaze Con and I only have two small tears that I was able to fix with super glue. Greg told me that if I ever wanted another pair that it would be fairly easy as they created a mold so they can make as many as I need. So I asked him earlier this year if I could get another pair but he's been so crazy busy I never heard back from him.. so I intended to wear my older ones for a 3rd time at SDCC this year but then I got a text from Red (she helps Greg at The Barnyard), she said if you're in the area drop off your shoes we can make another pair. Well I haven't been in the area since so today I finally made a point to just go down and turn in my shoes since comic con is next week.

So I got to the Barnyard and found Greg in the shop working on some props for ********* (sorry I can't say). But for the next four hours we chatted and caught up with each others lives. Greg is so amazing and I can sit there for hours on end and just listen to his stories (which I did). Red and some other workers were out back working on more props for the things Greg was working on but they needed help so I got to help out a bit. Greg and I talk about everything and even though we haven't actually seen each other since January our friendship didn't skip a beat... it's pretty awesome.

So I gave Greg my shoes and told him that I was going to have Sean Astin (Sam from LOTR) sign my old Hobbit feet as he will be at SDCC this year, Greg loved the idea and is making an extra pair of feet so I can have Sean sign those for him as well.

There was one thing that I can't go into great detail about, but I will say that it will be life changing for me. I found out that Greg and I share a dream and if everything lines up it's going to be pretty EPIC!!! Hopefully more on that soon.

When I got home later that night I noticed water spouting out of one of my garden hoses. I don't know what happen but I accidentally left my water on, even though the hose sprayer was off (so no water could get out) but with the tear there was a lake in my driveway. I went up to my water tank and it was half empty.. it's a 5000 gallon tank. I lost a ton of water. Luckily for me I have a well so my water is free but I hate wasting it... Ugh!!!

I spent the rest of the night editing the next Alien Nation podcast #18 which is due to be released tomorrow. I did get an invite by Greg to see a screening of Rock Jocks (which I really want to see) but I was a good boy and instead opted to get this podcast edited so I could release it on time for the listeners. I got done around 11pm and uploaded to podbean. It was a pretty great day today.

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