Monday, July 8, 2013

Buddies, Con and Podcasts

I miss Chris and Robert.. it sounds stupid because I got to hang out with them for 5/4 days and it was awesome but I always feel this way after a group gathering. It's so much fun to just hang with friends that when it's all over it's kind of sad. You know it's not going to last forever, but, be it 1 day or 5 you always want more... I think I'll call it "The After Hangout Blues". As the day went on I got use to the idea of being alone again. I mean I'll be seeing both of these guys in a week and a half for San Diego Comic Con and will be sharing a hotel room for 4 nights 5 days so will have plenty of hang out time. And who knows I seem to see Robert at least once a week (which is AWESOME) so I may see him before SDCC (here's hoping).

Speaking of Comic Con, program scheduling started to be released last Thursday but I haven't had a chance to look it over. Now that all four days are released I sat down with pen and paper and wrote down all the things I would like to see. Of course I'll create a handy dandy grid later but for now pen and paper will do. I have done this since my very first SDCC back in 2004. In recent years with lines being the way they are I tend to ignore the list, so instead of it being a list of panels I want to see it becomes a list of panels I know I'm missing.

But I would say the last few years of comic con has been more about cosplaying (Hobbit) and hanging with friends and less about panels and swag. And I think that will be the same for this year.

My brother came by later in the day to record some podcasts for our Alien Nation The Newcomers Podcast. An episode is due in two days (July 10th) so we are cutting it close.. of course it's not as close as the last time we recorded.. which was the day before the episode was to be released. We watched episodes 18 and 19 of season one and then recorded our July 10th and August 10th episodes. We only have a few more episodes for this season and then we move onto the 5 TV movies which I think will split into two episodes each. After that we still have the movie, comic books and novels to cover.. I think we have at least a good year or so left for this podcast. And who knows what the future holds.. we may be able to find another angle for the podcast and continue for years to come. All I know is I'm having a blast recording this podcast with my brother.

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