Sunday, August 4, 2013

LOTRO, New Who & Podcasts

Today was all about Lord of the Rings Online. My best bud Chris was off work and didn't have anything to do (which is extremely rare) so we jumped on and played LOTRO from 10am to 4pm.

Playing LOTRO is a blast but my favorite part is the conversations. We talk via vent so it's like having a six hour phone conversation and it's awesome.

While we were playing they announced The new Doctor for Doctor Who, both Chris and I stopped playing when the announcement happened. So the 12th Doctor is going to be Peter Capaldi. I don't know much about him. He did appear in an older Tennant episode of Who.

It was fun watching Twitter, Facebook and social media explode with excitement, hatred and all kinds of crazy. But OMG the hate going on right now. People can be so horrible. I've read that folks are upset that he's to old and unattractive, they are claiming that they will not watch the new Doctor. And you know what.. I don't care. If you are that shallow and you are judging this person by his looks alone then you don't deserve to call yourself a true fan of Doctor Who. If you are watching the show because you find the main actor attractive then you're missing the whole point of Who. Also just because the last few Doctors have been young and attractive the majority of the doctors were older and not as "Hollywood" attractive. I hate that people are already dismissing him from his looks alone. I personally think he looks like a Doctor and I can't wait to see what kind of personality he brings to the role. I for one am extremely happy that they went with an "older" doctor (The actor is in his mid 50's), though I wouldn't have mind if it was a female or a non-white male... maybe next time.

So I found out that I might be overwatering my trees. I looked up how much water my kind of trees need and was shocked to find out that they only need like 1 inch a week. I'm going to do some more investigating but for now I think I'll water them once a week and go from there.

After LOTRO I started working on another episode of MASH 4077 Podcast. I'm determined to get as ahead of the game as I can. Today I worked on Episode 61 which is due to be released on Sept 1st. The audio for this is a mess and it's going to take some major editing to make it to sound good. Tonight I managed to get it all the bits strung together.. tomorrow I will tackle the editing. So excited that I'm getting a jump on these podcasts.. so far I've edited 2 MASH's (working on a 3rd) and an Alien Nation in the past few days... woohoo.

I also got in some cardio today.. I did 2, 15 minute sessions.. I wasn't happy about doing only 15 minutes but my throat wasn't doing great and I guess 2, 15 minute sessions is better then nothing. I also continued to struggle with my eating. I'm happy to say that I haven't snacked the past two days. I'm also limiting my soda down to 1 diet soda a day.. baby steps.

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