Monday, August 5, 2013

Where Did The Day Go!!!

Where did the day go.. I feel like I got nothing done today. I had lots of things planned (podcasts, webseries, scrapbooking, yard and house work) but accomplished nothing. I hate days like this. There is no reason for it other then laziness. Again I think being out of work and not being on a schedule really makes you lethargic.

I couldn't even tell you what I did.. I played a few hours of LOTRO with my buddy Chris and I worked out twice for 20 minutes of cardio. I don't remember watching much TV. I did do a bit a blogging (I am not all caught up). I also did do some Geekyfanboy Production work on the computer.. as well as looked for a font for the webseries title that I created with Chris, but I really don't have a clue where my day went. Let's hope tomorrow is better.. I need a good kick in the ass.

I am happy to say that my new "get fit" lifestyle change is going pretty well. As I mentioned did 2, extremely difficult 20 minute workouts on my elliptical. And it's going on three days of no "fast food". When I started this three days ago I weight 210lbs but I weight myself this morning and I'm down to 205... so yay me!! I may be lazy and lethargic but I'm sticking to my workouts.. gotta lose this weight and get healthy.

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