Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What If I Was Straight??

People ask me and I sometimes ask myself...  What if I was straight?? How would my life be different. Would my relationships with family and friends be the same? Would I be married, a father?

I mean at my core I'm a nice guy and a geek, gay or straight that wouldn't have changed. Would I be more outgoing and less shy if I were straight? Where would I be in my life? So many questions and no real good way of answering them.

I guess the better question is "Would I want to be Straight?" 

And that's a much harder question to answer....If I could be the same person I am now, but instead of liking boys I'd like girls. My answer would be yes, why not.. My life would be easier, for one thing, I'd probably be married and have kids right now. I wouldn't have to worry about being made fun of or attacked for holding the hand of my partner in public. And it would be a nice change to not have half of the world hate me (without even knowing me) just because of their faith.

But with that said if I were straight I probably wouldn't be the same person, my life would be completely different, as well as my friends.. so I would have to say no, not a chance. I wouldn't want to be straight, not only because I love the friends I have but because I love who I am now and I'm proud of what kind of man I have become... and being gay is part of that.

So yes being straight may have some advantages but I wouldn't give up what I have now.. and that's a pretty good life, surrounded by people who love me.

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  1. Yes! I wouldn't want you to change who you are for anything in the world.