Thursday, September 26, 2013

Random Geek Questions x 2

Today I asked two Random Geek Questions. First one was "What is your favorite Disney movie and why?"  I got a wide range of answers, I wasn't specific on what "Disney" I as talking about. When I talk Disney I normally mean animated cartoons, from the classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to The Princess Frog. But Disney encompasses so much more. They have their live action movies, they purchased Pixar, Marvel and Lucas Film and have so many more amazing movies from them, so when I started to get answers they were all over the board.

Some folks picked classic Disney animated movies, some choose Marvel movies like The Avengers and I even had someone choose Star Wars Episode VII which isn't even out yet. It was interesting to see everyone chooses.. it just goes to show me that I need to be more specific in my requests and that Disney is well loved by everyone.

As for my favorite Disney movie it would have to Beauty and the Beast. I love the animation, the story.. I'm a suck for the hopeless romantic.
My second Random Geek Question was "Remakes are big business.. what movie would you like to see remade today and why?"

This question was like throwing a match onto gasoline. I got a handful of answers but this question started a debate on the lack of creativity in Hollywood. There were lots of arguments going back and forth. I stayed out of it online since I work in Hollywood but this is my blog so I'll give you my thoughts on the topic.

I'm not a huge fan of remakes.. but I understand why they are made. Hollywood is a business, yes it's job is to entertain but it's main job is to make money. Movies cost millions and millions of dollars to make. There is no guarantee that it will be liked and watched. Remakes have a built in audience, a built in fanbase.

Now most remakes aren't a word for word remake. So I like to think of them as re-imagined instead of remakes. Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds. You can take an old classic sci fi / fantasy movie and with today's tech make it look amazing. And I'm not suggesting CGI is better then "actual" models.

I can't imagine them remaking a classic like Star Wars but if they do it's not going to diminish my love for the original movies/story. Look at Star Trek, they rebooted/re-imagined the series with the same characters and personalities but slightly different. I still love the original universe but I'm enjoying what they are doing in this "new" universe. 

They have re-imagined Superman and Batman many times. Spiderman was barely a few years old when they "re-booted" that series. Am I upset that they did this.. no as these re-imagined movies have been pretty amazing and have done big bucks a the box office. It does go to show you that these "Remakes", "Re-Boots", or "Re-Imagined" movies work and that means they will keep making them.

My philosophy has always been if you don't like something then don't watch it... it's that simple.

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