Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Babylon 5 Viewing Continues

Today's blog is all about Babylon 5 as today is Wednesday and that means TV night with my bestie Robert. We are continuing our first time viewing of B5. Tonight we watched from Season 2, Episodes 17 - 20

First up was S2 Ep 17 "Knives" He see strange visions, dreams strange dreams. Gradually, John Sheridan understands he's become host to an alien lifeform. Meanwhile, a friend of Londo Mollari reveals he is being singled out for treason and is seeking help to defeat the accusation.

I enjoyed this episode, we got to see the softer side of Londo. I miss that Londo. It was horrible that he had to kill his best friend, but he did it knowing that his friend had to die (sacrifice himself) so his family could survive. The Sheridan story was okay, I figured out what was going on about half way through the episode. I think the Londo story was much better and had more of an impart on me then the Sheridan story.

Then we watched S2 Ep 18 "Confessions and Lamentations" The disease: drafa. The motality rate: 100%. While Franklin seeks a cure and Delenn and Lennier risk their well-beings among the race most threatened by the illness - the Markab - other staton residents make the race a scapegoat.

Wow.. this was a dark episode. It was well done and I was suprirsed by the ending. I mean I expected the Doctor to find a "cure" but did not expect it to be "too late" and have every Markab be dead on the station, home planet and colonies.. millions and millions dead. This episode completley wiped out an entire race of beings.

Also this episode had the most blatant "hints" that Sheridan and Delenn like each other. I'm really like Delenn and Lennier's characters. They are true humanitarians, even risking their own lives.

The third episode of the night was S2 Ep 19 "Divided Loyalties" Lyta Alexander returns to the station, convinced there is a traitor on board, Ivanova makes a startling revelation.

Yay... Lyta is back. I always wondered why she never made it from the pilot to series (but I've read the bts of that situation) so it's good to see her back. What a shocker of an episode. First with Ivanova's revelation that she is a latent telepath. I knew something was up with her from the beginning as she's always hated telepaths because of her mother and what they did, but I always felt there was something more.

At the beginning of this episode I really thought Ivanova and Talia were going to hook up and become lovers. But instead they wind up making Talia a sleeper agent. Of all the characters I'm glad it was her as we really haven't gotten to know her that well. She's only been the focus of a few episodes. I don't know if this is it for her character or if will see her in future episodes.. guess I'll have to wait and see. Overall it was a very enjoyable episode.

And the final episode of the night was S2 Ep 20 "The Long Twilight Struggle" A final bloody battle determines the outcome of the Centauri/Narn conflict — and signals an even greater threat to all civilization.

What a way to end our night... WOW!!! My heart broke for G'Kar and my hatred towards Londo grew. Even with Londo having his doubts he still went through with everything and was just horrible at the counsel meeting. It's crazy that I loved Londo and hated G'Kar at the beginning of this series and now I love G'Kar and hate Londo. This is where the Alliance is formed and the battle looks like it's about to begin.

Four fantastic episodes tonight.. I'm so excited that I'm finally taking the time and watching is amazing series. It's something that I've been wanting to do for a while now. And to make it even more special I'm watching it and sharing this experience with one of my best friends in the world. Can't get any better then that.

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  1. One of the reasons I like Knives is for the guest star. (I forget his name: Carmen something?) Mostly just because he plays Jacob Carter on Stargate SG-1, too.

    The Long Twilight Struggle is one of the great ones. Londo and G'Kar are definitely the star characters of this show.