Monday, October 21, 2013

Paint Prep & Birthday Wishes (Markus)

Today I spent almost the entire day taping up the trim of my garage, preparing it for painting which I was hoping to get started today but it took me so long to do the taping off of everything that I ran out of time and couldn't paint. At least the place is ready to go so tomorrow I should get a good amount of it done.

I want to wish my buddy Markus a very Happy Birthday today. He's one of those people that enters your life and you just know you were meant to be good friends, there's an instant bond. But unlike many of my other good friends Markus lives in England. I've never met him in person, we became friends because he was a listener of my Knights of the Guild podcast. He use to send me comments about the podcast and we soon struck up a online friendship. We've talked a few times on skype but we communicate mostly via Facebook chat texting. It's pretty amazing that you can have this instant rapport with someone you've only talked and text to online. Our friendship means the world to me and one of these days will actually meet in person and there is only one word to describe that day... EPIC!!! Happy Birthday Buddy, I hope you had a good one.

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